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  • Philly Magazine article about moving patients from Montgomery Hospital to Einstein Medical Center Montgomery

    Published: 09/04/2012

    Moving a one-bedroom apartment is annoying. But moving an entire hospital?

    The phrase “logistical nightmare” might come to mind. But at the end of this month—on September 29th—staffers and patients from Montgomery Hospital will move into their new digs at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, a built-from-scratch facility three miles down the road in East Norriton. Einstein will provide a host of novel services for the area—advanced cardiology, robotic surgery, a level 3 NICU—in an effort to better meet the medical needs of Montgomery County residents. But the first hurdle is actually setting up shop, a complicated mass-moving-day that requires the orchestrated efforts of physicians, staff and an ambulance team to get between 40 and 50 patients from one building to the other—with as few hitches as possible.

    (Read the whole story by Email Leaman here.)

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