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  • Tactical Medicine, Israeli-Style

    Published: 04/19/2012

    The day begins calmly. Workers settle at their desks, turn on computers, busy themselves with the day's projects and exchange greetings as they grab cups of coffee.

    So far, the most pressing concerns in most minds are deadlines, lunch plans and getting to their child's school play after work.

    Suddenly, chaos erupts. A shooter has entered the building. Or perhaps someone has set off a car bomb. Panicked workers rush toward whatever they perceive to be safe places -- exits, locked rooms, stairwells -- and fear the worst.

    Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) are mobilized and sent to the scene with multiple responsibilities: apprehending the perpetrators, tending to wounded workers and leading as many to safety as possible.

    Specially trained Tactical Emergency Medical Providers may accompany those LEOs to start rendering care to the victims even before the situation has been stabilized.

    Are they prepared? Dr. Scott Goldstein, chief of tactical medicine at the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network and president of the Philadelphia Tactical Medical Association, naturally wants the answer to be, "Yes."

    Full article here from the Jewish Exponent.

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