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  • Tips to Avoid Overeating and Breaking Your Healthy Lifestyle During the Holidays

    Published: 11/22/2013

    Tis the season! The holidays are officially here. For some this brings joy and excitement. The holidays can be a loving and nurturing time to spend with family and friends. On the contrary, the holidays may bring fear and stress for others. The holidays can be a challenge for many to stay healthy and consistent with their habits. To make this is your most healthy holiday season yet, dietitian Theresa Shank suggests applying some (or all!) of the following tips to your life this season:

    Don’t skip meals - especially breakfast. Staying on a consistent schedule will help you to maintain even blood sugar levels and prevent binging later in the day.

    Sleep - It improves everything. Good quality sleep is essential.

    Don’t worry - Remember what the holiday is really about. Savor the days and be present in the moment.

    Breathe - Find a quiet place. Breathe in for 5 counts - hold for 5 - breathe out for 5. Repeat and do this for several minutes. Notice how you feel. This helps to center yourself and calm your mind.

    Drink plenty of water - Staying hydrated is key for reducing cravings and keeping you feeling full. Many will confuse hunger cravings with being thirsty.

    Bring a dish - Check with the host of the party if they mind. Bring an option you feel good about indulging in.

    Go easy on the alcohol - Many lose their inhibition with alcohol and the likelihood of sticking with a healthy plan diminishes. Your head and body will thank you the next day with avoidance.

    Chat between bites - Remember that food is supposed to be accessory to the company (and not vice versa).

    Wear something form-fitting - You are less likely to go for seconds if you are wearing a snug sweater (rather than a loose blouse).

    It’s not all or nothing - Overeat at your first holiday party? That is no reason to give up on your health and wait until the new year to recommit. Forgive yourself and get in the mindset of nurturing your body.

    Travel healthy - Bring healthy snacks like nuts, fruit and rice cakes to keep you feeling satisfied on long trips.

    Plan activities that don’t revolve around food - Invite friends over to make wreaths, holiday cards or ornaments.

    Bring a jump rope if traveling - You only need a small space to get in a sweat-breaking workout.

    Get active as a family - Enroll the family in a 5K or play a game of pick-up football. Offer to take the family for a walk at the park.

    Meditate on your goals - You will be more likely to stick to a healthy plan if you get clear on your goals for the holidays.

    Have a safe and healthy holiday season.

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