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Labor and Delivery

  • A welcoming setting for the arrival of your newest family member.

     Labor and Delivery at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

    Birth Support

    Our staff is experienced in a variety of birthing situations:

    • Trials of Labor (TOLAC) / VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) births
    • Natural births, or births without outside interventions such as pain medication, electronic fetal monitoring or IV fluids
    • 24-hour epidural availability
    • Midwife-assisted births
    • High risk pregnancies such as mothers of advanced maternal age or with hypertension, diabetes, heart or kidney conditions, autoimmune disorders or STDs
    • Premature deliveries
    • Close proximity to our NICU

    Rooming In

    Rooming in is the term used to describe keeping your baby with you round the clock during postpartum recovery. Rooming in enables you and your baby to bond, as well as allowing time to adjust to breastfeeding and synchronizing sleep.

    Necessities will be provided for you and your baby at the Maternity Center include:

    • Underwear, pads, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant 
    • Diapers, blankets, t-shirts for your baby 

    You will want to bring the following personal items for your hospital stay:

    • Multiple bras, including a specialized breastfeeding bra 
    • Going home outfit for your baby
    • Going home outfit for you (something you wore while 6 months pregnant should fit best)
    • Toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner
    • A pillow or robe from home to make you more comfortable
    • Slippers


    Should you need acute care for your newborn, our level III NICU is staffed round-the-clock by expert neonatologists, specialists in the care of newborns.  The unit is conveniently located near the maternity center. 

    Our Level III nursery can care for babies as early as 23 to 24 weeks gestation. If your baby needs specialized surgery, our neonatologists have partnerships with major children’s hospitals in the Philadelphia area to make sure your baby gets the best and most sophisticated care.

    Length of Stay and Visiting Hours

    • If you delivered vaginally, in most situations you will stay for two nights.
    • If you delivered via a cesarean section, you will stay for three or four nights.
    • Visitors should keep their stays short to ensure you and your baby get enough rest.


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    Accreditation & Partnerships

    Breastfeeding Friendly Employer Seal

    Designated by the City of Philadelphia and Maternity Care Coalition.

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