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Classes and Support Groups

  • Einstein Medical Center Montgomery offers a variety of pre and postnatal classes.

    Preparing for Childbirth

    Expectant mothers and their chosen support person(s) will learn about the stages of labor, techniques for coping with labor, what to expect when delivering a baby at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery and more.

    All classes are taught by certified childbirth educators/registered nurses. Classes are designed to be taken at 32 weeks or pregnancy or later.

    Spaces are limited. Please register early.

    4-Day Series Cost: $100/couple

    1-Day Series Cost: $125/couple (includes lunch)

    Breastfeeding 101

    For all expectant mothers and their chosen support person(s). Come learn why breast is best for both mom and baby, how to get started with breastfeeding right after delivery and how to continue successfully breastfeeding at home with your newborn(s).

    This single-session, 2-hour course is taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

    Cost: $30/couple

    Pumping for the Breastfed Baby

    Now that you and your baby are breastfeeding well, you may be thinking of returning to work or school. This course will teach you the ins and outs of pumping and storing breast milk so that someone other than you can feed your baby when you are away from him or her. Starting supplemental solid foods for the breastfed baby will also be covered.

    This single-session, 1-hour course should be taken by those who have already attended the Breastfeeding 101 course or who are currently breastfeeding a baby three weeks of age or older.

    This course is taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. You may bring a support person and/or your breastfeeding newborn to class with your.

    Cost: $15/couple

    Newborn Care & Parenting

    Learn about what to expect when you bring your newborn home from Einstein Medical Center Montgomery. The class includes information about general newborn care including:

    • bathing and diapering
    • how to soothe your newborn
    • infant safety
    • when to call the doctor. 

    This single-session, 2-hour class includes hands-on practice taught by a certified prenatal educator and registered nurse.

    Cost: $30/couple

    Birth Refresher Class

    This class is designed for expectant parents who have completed a full childbirth class series during an earlier pregnancy. Topics include what to expect when delivering at Einstein Montgomery, current information on what's changed in obstetrical thinking, as well as practice with breathing, relaxation and other comfort measures.

    Class includes a review of the stages of labor and how mom may feel during each stage. This class will also help mom process her past birth experience(s) and learn how to accept that each birth is different and unique. Bring a pillow and yoga mat or towel with you to class and dress comfortably for movement.

    Cost: $50/couple

    Sibling Preparation Class

    Becoming a big brother or sister is an important milestone for your son or daughter. To help ease your child’s transition to older sibling, Einstein Medical Center Montgomery offers an informative, age-appropriate Sibling Preparation Class. In this single 90-minute class, siblings-to-be ages 3-8 years will learn what to expect when baby arrives, what newborn babies are like, and how to help mom with the new baby. A certified prenatal educator teaches age appropriate material via story-time and guided discussion. Class attendees will also see where mom and the new baby will stay after the birth. Mom, dad or another adult caregiver must stay and assist their child(ren) with the class activities.

    Cost: $20 first sibling, $5 each additional sibling

    Advanced Comfort Measures Practice for Natural Childbirth

    This class is designed for expectant mothers who have already taken the Preparing for Childbirth series here at Einstein Montgomery or who have taken a similar class elsewhere. Our certified childbirth educators will work with you and your chosen support person to practice and expand upon the natural comfort measures you were introduced to in your childbirth classes. In this class you will review and practice positions that promote comfort and progress in labor and breathing that leads to optimal relaxation during contractions. Other comfort measures covered include massage, acupressure, hot and cold therapy, and aromatherapy. This class is interactive and hands-on, so come dressed comfortably and ready to move around. Bring a pillow or yoga mat and a bottle of water to class.

    Cost: $50/couple

    Prenatal Yoga

    Prenatal Yoga is the perfect way take a well-deserved moment for yourself, your baby, and your changing body. You will tune into your body rhythm, breathe for total relaxation, stretch your muscles and joints to help prepare for birth, and create community with other expectant moms. Class will include breathing and relaxation practice, yoga postures (appropriate for pregnancy), conversation, and deep rest. Previous yoga experience is not required. Participants should wear yoga pants or other clothing that will allow for comfortable, unrestricted movement. Participants should bring a towel, yoga mat, water bottle, yoga strap and yoga block with them to each class. 4-class series may be repeated as many times as mom would like during her pregnancy.

    Cost: $50/4-class series


    All classes will take place at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery. Classroom information will be provided when you register.


    Registration is required for all classes.

    To register or if you have questions, call 484-622-2269.

    To see the current schedule of birth and beyond classes click here.

    Labor & Delivery/Mother-Baby Unit Tours

    Guided tours of Einstein Medical Center Montgomery’s Labor & Delivery and Mother-Baby units are offered on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Most expectant moms find that a tour of their chosen birthing facility prior to delivery helps them feel more at ease about the upcoming birth.

    Cost: Free

    Pre-registration required. Call 484-622-2269 to schedule. 

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    Accreditation & Partnerships

    Breastfeeding Friendly Employer Seal

    Designated by the City of Philadelphia and Maternity Care Coalition.

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