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  • Publications: 2009 - Present

    Handal, John

    1. Handal JA, Schulz JF, Florez GB, Kwok SCM, Khurana JS, Samuel SP. Creation of rabbit bone and soft tissue tumor using cultured VX2 cells. J Surg Res.179 (2013) E127-E132, PMID:22475353

    2. Kwok S, Samuel SP, Handal J. Attorvastatin  activates heme oxygenase-1 at the stress response elements. J Cell Mol Med. 16(2), 2012: 394-400, PMID: 21447045

    3. Handal J, John T, Goldstein D, Braitman L, Khurana J, Saing M, Samuel SP. Effect of atorvastatin on the cortical bones of corticosteroid treated rabbits. J Orthop Res. 2011 Dec 8, doi:10.1002/jor.22030, PMID: 22161768

    4. Jain AK, Handal J, Solin LJ. Successful treatment of a T4 lung tumor with vertebral body invasion using fiducial markers in the thoracic spine for image-guided radiation therapy: A case report. J Med Case Reports. 2011 Sep 20;5:470. PMID: 21933408

    5. Handal JA, Schulz JF, Pahys JM, Williams EA, Kwok S, and Samuel SP. Evaluation of Elution and Mechanical Properties of Two Injectable Chemotherapeutic Bone Cements. Chemotherapy.57(3)181-274(2011), PMID: 21654169

    6. Lastra RR, Saldanha V, Balasubramanian M, Handal J. Fatal fat embolism in isolated vertebral compression fracture. Eur Spine J. 2010 Jul;19 Suppl 2:S200-2.

    Sweitzer, Brett

    1. Sweitzer B, Thigpen C, et al. A comparison of glenoid morpology and glenohumeral range of motion between professional baseball pitchers with and without a history of SLAP repair. Arthrooscopy (online) May 21, 2012; DOI:10.1016/J Arthro. 2012.02.02

    2. Sweitzer BA, Cook C, Steadman JR, Hawkins RJ, Wyland DJ. The inter-rater reliability and diagnostic accuracy of patellar mobility tests in patients with anterior knee pain. Phys Sportsmed. 2010 Oct;38(3):90-6.

    3. Labib SA, Wilczynski MC, Sweitzer BA. Two-layer repair of a chronic patellar tendon rupture: a novel technique and literature review. Am J Orthop (Belle Mead NJ). 2010 Jun;39(6):277-82. 

    Pahys, Joshua M.

    1. Trobisch PD, Samdani AF, Pahys JM, Cahill PJ. Postoperative trunk shift in Lenke 1 and 2 curves: how common is it? and analysis of risk factors. Eur Spine J. 2011 Jul;20(7):1137-40.

    2. Cho SK, Bridwell KH, Lenke LG, Cho W, Zebala LP, Pahys JM, Kang MM, Yi JS, Baldus CR. Comparative Analysis of Clinical Outcome and Complications in Primary vs. Revision Adult Scoliosis Surgery. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2011 May 2.

    3. Cho SK, Bridwell KH, Lenke LG, Yi JS, Pahys JM, Zebala LP, Kang MM, Cho W, Baldus CR. Major Complications in Revision Adult Deformity Surgery: Risk Factors and Clinical Outcomes with Two- to Seven-Year Follow-Up. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2011 May 14

    4. Pahys JM, Guille JT, D'Andrea LP, Samdani AF, Beck J, Betz RR. Neurologic injury in the surgical treatment of idiopathic scoliosis: guidelines for assessment and management. J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2009 Jul;17(7):426-34.

    5. Smith JR, Samdani AF, Pahys J, Ranade A, Asghar J, Cahill P, Betz RR. The role of bracing, casting, and vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib for the treatment of infantile idiopathic scoliosis: a single-institution experience with 31 consecutive patients. Clinical article. J Neurosurg Spine. 2009 Jul;11(1):3-8.

    6. Pahys JM, Samdani AF, Betz RR. Intraspinal anomalies in infantile idiopathic scoliosis: prevalence and role of magnetic resonance imaging. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2009 May 20;34(12):E434-8.

    7. Pahys JM, Mulcahey MJ, Hutchinson D, Betz RR. Scapular stabilization in patients with spinal cord injury. J Spinal Cord Med. 2009;32(4):389-97.

    8. Asghar J, Samdani AF, Pahys JM, D'andrea LP, Guille JT, Clements DH, Betz RR; Harms Study Group. Computed tomography evaluation of rotation correction in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a comparison of an all pedicle screw construct versus a hook-rod system. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2009 Apr 15;34(8):804-7. 

    9. Cahill, PJ.; Samdani, AF.; Pahys, JM.; Gresh, M; Yaszay, B; Marks, MC.; Bastrom, T; Lonner, BS.; Shah, SA.; Shufflebarger, HL.; Newton, PO.; Betz, RR. Youth and Experience: The Effect of Surgeon Experience on Outcomes in AIS Surgery: PAPER #45. Spine: 2011 SRS Society Meeting Abstracts. ():78, 2011.

    10. Cho, SK.; Lenke, LG.; Bolon, S; Pahys, JM.; Cho, W; Kang, MM.; Zebala, LP.; Koester, L. Can Intraoperative Spinal Cord Monitoring Reliably Help Prevent Paraplegia during Posterior VCR Surgery?: PAPER #41. Spine: 2011 SRS Society Meeting Abstracts. ():76, 2011.

    Saing, Minn H.

    1. Poukalova M, Yakacki CM, Guldberg RE, Lin A, Saing M, Gillogly SD, Gall K. Pullout strength of suture anchors: effect of mechanical properties of trabecular bone. J Biomech. 2010 Apr 19;43(6):1138-45.

    2. Yakacki CM, Poukalova M, Guldberg RE, Lin A, Saing M, Gillogly S, Gall K. The effect of the trabecular microstructure on the pullout strength of suture anchors. J Biomech. 2010 Jul 20;43(10):1953-9.

    Raphael, James S.

    1. Clarke SE, Raphael JS. Combined Dislocation of the Trapezium and the Trapezoid: A Case Report with Review of the Literature. Hand (N Y). 2009 Aug 26.

    2. Clarke SE, Lee SY, Raphael JS. Coronoid fixation using suture anchors. Hand (N Y). 2009 Jun;4(2):156-60.

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