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Dietary Needs

  • Einstein’s Registered Dieticians are members of a patient’s healthcare team who ensure nutritional needs are met.

    Dieticians are available seven days a week to give nutrition consultations and create special meal plans for a wide range of conditions.

    Patients at Einstein are asked to make three selections for the next day’s meals from a menu they will receive in their room the day before. These selections are edited by a dietician if a patient’s care team determines a special diet should be followed.

    Examples of special diets:

    • Carb-controlled diet to help stabilize blood sugar, maintain or achieve a desirable weight and prevent health problems related to diabetes
    • Sodium-modified diet that restricts salt intake for patients who suffer from conditions such as heart failure, liver failure and stroke
    • Low fat & low cholesterol diet to prevent elevations in blood levels of fat and cholesterol
    • Dysphagia diet for patients with trouble swallowing that pays strict attention to food consistency
    • Renal diet for dialysis and pre-dialysis patients, designed to manage protein, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and fluids
    • Allergy diets that eliminate specific foods or food groups
    • Ethnic / religious diets that respect food inclusions or restrictions dictated by a person’s religious, spiritual or cultural beliefs