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Financial Counseling

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    Einstein offers specially trained staff to help uninsured patients admitted to one of our facilities pay for their care.

    Financial Counseling Can Help You

    • Apply for public medical assistance.
    • Apply for Charity Care.
    • Receive discounts for “self-pay” patients who pay for medical care out-of-pocket.

    Financial counselors also help patients navigate a variety of circumstances arising from hospitalization, such as:

    • Auto accidents: Counselors can assist with filing claims and police reports for auto accident victims.
    • Newborn baby: Mothers can receive help adding a newborn baby to their health insurance.
    • Insurance policies: Counselors can help locate information for patients who have insurance but are unaware of the type and/or coverage.


    For information, please contact the Patient Accounts and Healthcare Access Department: 215-456-8083.