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About Your Hospital Stay

  • Your inpatient experience is the single most important measurement of our performance as a healthcare organization.

    We encourage you to learn more about:


    Patient Advocates

    Patient Support Services

    Quality Care

    Tools & Technologies We Use

    Visitor Hours & Amenities

    Your Doctors & Nurses

    Identification Checking

    Multiple ID checks. Einstein patients can expect their caregivers to routinely ask them for identifying information - name and date of birth. This ensures you are given the proper medications, treatment and care.

    Bar code scanning. Before certain procedures, nurses and lab technicians will scan the bar code printed on your ID tag to ascertain identity. These procedures include:

    • Giving medication
    • Taking lab samples

    Palm Vein Scanning. Patients at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia may choose to have their palm scanned to protect their privacy. Palm Vein Scanning uses near infrared light to read the pattern of veins in your hand, which are unique to every individual.

    Benefits of the palm scan include:

    • Quickly and accurately establish your identity when you register
    • Speeds up your hospital registration process
    • Enrollment takes less than a minute
    • A scan of palm veins is 99% accurate, while a scan of fingerprints is less accurate
    • Scanning offers a higher level of protection against identity theft

    Learn how to enroll in this safety program.

    Infection Control

    Hand washing. Every staff member should be washing hands before interacting with you. Feel free to inquire about hand washing if you don't see it firsthand.

    Gowns and masks. Protective clothing doesn't always indicate danger. You may see staff putting on gowns and masks when entering rooms as a way to prevent germs from being transmitted.

    Einstein's Code of Conduct

    You will find our Code of Conduct posted on all patient floors, close to the elevator:

    We are committed to providing a safe environment for all.

    We will not allow:

    • Loud, rude or vulgar language
    • Hostile actions
    • Hurting (or trying to hurt) someone
    • Weapons of any kind

    Anyone exhibiting these behaviors may be asked to leave and/or be prosecuted.

    Speak Up

    Nothing is too small to bring to our attention. If you have a concern about your care or any aspect of your experience at Einstein, do not hesitate to bring it to our attention:

    Call the Patient hotline: 215-456-6334