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Tools and Technologies

  • Einstein caregivers are equipped with technology that gives them instant, up-to-date information about individual patients under their care.

    The following are technologies we use to provide accurate, safe medical care:


    Einstein caregivers wear this black, cell phone-sized piece of hardware around their necks to communicate with each other.

    This wireless system allows our caregivers to discuss matters pertaining to patients' care using simple, spoken commands while keeping their hands free.

    Bar Code Scanning

    Einstein patients are assigned a unique bar code when admitted to a facility.

    Located on the patient's wristband, the bar code is used to identify a patient. Doctors and nurses will scan your bar code before a procedure - such as giving medication and drawing lab samples - is performed.

    Electronic Medical Records

    Einstein keeps medical information about its patients in electronic format. This is an important tool that allows healthcare providers to:

    • Reduce errors
    • Coordinate care from a single access point
    • Eliminate paper medical records