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Support Services

  • Committees that oversee research activities at Einstein

    For human subject research: Institutional Review Board (IRB)

    • Chairman: Robert Wimmer, MD
    • Vice Chairman: John Leighton, MD
    • Vice Chairman: John Whyte, MD, PhD

    For issues related to Albert Einstein Society research awards, tobacco awards, and Research Recognition Day: Research Subcommittee of the Medical Staff Board

    • Chairman: Mindy Horrow, MD

    For issues related to inventions developed as part of research or clinical practice: Intellectual Property Committee (IPC)

    • Chairman: Huyen Tran, MD

    For issues related to potential conflicts of interest in research: Research Conflict of Interest (RCOIC)

    • Chairman: Corrado Minimo, MD

    Einstein Society, Budget Development, External Grant Submissions

    Please contact Shelli Shababo at (215) 456-7218 or regarding:

    • Questions about deadlines, forms, progress reports, etc. for Albert Einstein Society (AES) research awardsObtaining copies of previously funded AES proposals (with the author’s permission)
    • Questions about deadlines, forms, progress reports etc. for Tobacco awards 
    • Submission of poster abstracts for Research Recognition Day
    • Submission of grant proposals to external agencies (e.g. NIH, NSF, American Heart Association, etc.)
    • Questions related to budget development

    Policy and Procedure, Conflict of Interest, Effort Reporting

    Please contact Mary Klein, PhD, at (215)-456-7215 or regarding:

    • Questions about research policies and procedures
    • Questions about conflict of interest disclosure and review process
    • Questions about the effort reporting policy and procedure for research projects supported by government funds (including tobacco awards)
    • Other issues related to research within EHN

    Post Award

    Please contact Rosetta Stoute, Post-Award Coordinator, at (215) 456-7215 or regarding:

    • Questions about study account deposits and/or balances for funded research projects

    Statistical Assistance

    If you are an Einstein employee you may contact Len Braitman, PhD, Biostatistician, at (215) 456-3856 or regarding:

    • Development of a research question and/or specific aims or hypotheses for a research project
    • Developing a study design and data analysis plan
    • Designing an Excel spreadsheet for data collection/data analysis purposes
    • Learning key points for critical review of scientific articles
    • Analyzing research data
    • Editing research manuscripts in preparation for publication

    IRB Submissions and Processes

    Please contact Beth Lynch, CIP, Senior IRB Analyst, at (215) 456-7217 or regarding:

    • Questions about the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process and forms
    • IRB meeting dates and submission deadlines
    • Responding to IRB recommendations
    • Status on IRB submissions

    Protocol Development, Research Compliance, Education

    Please contact Roberta Costello, MSN, RN, Research Compliance Officer, at (215) 456-7225 or or Alice Anne Andress, Chief Compliance Officer, at 215-456-7084 or regarding:

    • How to get started with research (e.g. to get information on what is required to review medical records to determine if there is a sufficient number of patients for a proposed study)
    • Completion of IRB forms
    • Questions about research policies and procedures
    • Research compliance questions or issues
    • Information on what is involved in coordinating a clinical research project
    • Requests for educational presentations on research regulations and/or institutional policies and procedures related to research


    Please contact Robert Wimmer, MD, IRB Chairman, at (215) 456-6243 or regarding:

    • Concerns about an IRB review/recommendation or the IRB process
    • Regulatory concerns about an ongoing research project involving human subjects
    • Questions about whether a project requires IRB review
    • Requests for educational presentations on research regulations and/or the IRB 


    Please contact Derrick Crump, Information Security and Privacy Specialist, at (215) 456-8022 or regarding:

    • Questions related to information privacy, security and confidentiality
    • Assistance with privacy, security, and confidentiality concerns related to research and protected health information
    • Review and Approval of privacy, security and confidentiality considerations in human research 

    General Compliance

    Please contact Alice Anne Andress, Chief Compliance Officer, at (215) 456-7084 or regarding:

    • Institutional compliance oversight
    • Assistance with issues, questions, concerns, complaints reported directly or via Einstein’s Comply Line