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Robotic Surgery

  • Smaller incisions, bigger benefits.
    The newest state-of-the-art  da Vinci Surgical System robot model in the Philadelphia region.

    da Vinci Robot
    The da Vinci Surgical System, the latest in robotics technology, allows surgeons to perform precise operations with better results than with traditional open or laparoscopic surgery.

    Urology procedures performed with da Vinci include:

    Gynecology procedures performed with da Vinci include:

    • Hysterectomies
    • Uterine fibroid removal
    • Vaginal prolapse
    • Uterine prolapse
    • Kidney cancer

    Bariatric procedures performed with da Vinci include:

    • Gastric bypass - Einstein's bariatrics was the first program in the region to use robotic assistance during a gastric bypass procedure
    • Sleeve gastrectomy  

    Magnified View and Better Control

    During the procedure, the surgeon uses the robot’s arms to insert instruments and cameras into the body through tiny incisions - all while viewing a high-resolution 3-D image of the surgical site from the da Vinci console.

    Hand and foot controls on the console allow the surgeon to manipulate the robot’s multiple arms to perform controlled movements with a greater dexterity.

    Less invasive

    • More controlled movement and dexterity for the surgeon
    • View of minute details via the endoscopic cameras
    • Enhanced access to the surgical site

    Faster Healing Time

    • Briefer hospital stay
    • Minimal pain
    • Quicker return to daily life
    • Decreased risk of infection
    • Decreased blood loss
    • Decreased scarring
    • Decreased anesthesia

    International Training

    Your trusted surgeon manually controls the robot while nurses and an anesthesiologist assist. Our board-certified urologists trained in Paris, France, on the latest robot operating techniques.


    Einstein Medical Center Elkins Park

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