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Monthly Breast Self-Exams

  • Breast cancer is most easily treated - and cured - when found early. If you do a breast self-exam (BSE) each month after your menstrual cycle ends, you have a better chance of noticing any unusual lumps, dimpling, discharge from the nipple or other changes that can be signs of breast cancer.

    To do a breast self-exam:

    Lie down with a pillow under your right shoulder. Use the finger pads of your three middle fingers to circle your breast, feeling for lumps. Check your underarm area, too. Then, do the other breast. You can also do this in the shower.

    Should you feel a lump, schedule an appointment to see your doctor immediately. If you don't have a doctor call 1-800-EINSTEIN, or find a doctor online.

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    NCCCP 140
    National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers

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