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Terence A.S. Matalon, MD, FACR, FSIR
Chairman, Radiology

The Diagnostic Radiology residency program here at Einstein Healthcare Network is unique. We combine an environment that emphasizes teaching, rather than academic or clinical productivity, with a fundamental caseload rich in a cross-section of various diseases.

The commitment of the staff to teaching here is both refreshing and invigorating. Our trainees find themselves well-prepared for either academic or clinical practice venues. As a resident-dominated program (i.e. no fellows), no dilution of case material occurs. I believe that the residents truly enjoy their tenure here and encourage you to ask them yourself.

Paul S. Brady, MD
Section Head of Interventional Radiology

Residency: Cleveland Clinic
Fellowship: Northwestern University

We are very excited to now have an integrated interventional radiology residency here at Einstein Healthcare Network. The IR attendings are dedicated to teaching and mentoring residents so that they will be ready to pursue an academic or clinical practice upon graduation. With our large and diverse case load there is no shortage of hands-on learning opportunities for the residents, starting as soon as the first year of residency. We have placed our ESIR and diagnostic residents into premier IR fellowships across the country and look forward to graduating our first IR/DR resident in 2021.

Balasubramani Natarajan, MD
Program Director, Interventional Radiology Residency

Residency: University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio
Fellowship: University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio


Michael Ferra, MD

Residency: Lennox Hill Hospital
Fellowship: George Washington University


Derek Biederman, MD

Residency: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Fellowship: Yale University


Vinit Khanna, MD

Residency: Allegheny General Hospital
IR Fellowship: Emory University
Body/IR Fellowship: Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard University


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