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Class of 2021

Rakesh Ahuja, MD
Chief Resident for 2020-2021

Medical School:
K. J. Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai, India
Internship: University of Southern California/Los Angeles County Medical Center, CA

Hello! I’m Rakesh Ahuja and now PGY6 Integrated IR/DR Chief Resident at Einstein IR. I am originally from Mumbai, India. I did all of my education in Mumbai, including medical school and general surgery residency. I came to Philadelphia after finishing the general surgery prelim intern year at USC/LAC. Without even realizing it, Philadelphia had become a home away from home for me and my family. This is our 6th year in Philadelphia, and I can say that Philly stands by its motto, a City of Brotherly Love. Philly has some of the most amazing restaurants and even I, as a vegetarian, can always find great food around here.

The one great thing about being a resident at Einstein IR is the importance given to work-life balance. I love traveling and spending time with my family. Having a toddler at home with a busy residency is quite demanding, but having an extremely supportive program director makes it quite easy.

Why choose IR at Einstein? We residents are the primary operators in the majority of cases, even starting as early as your initial IR rotations. Great autonomy, didactics, and support system make this residency one of the best training experiences. There is a vast variety of simple to complex interventional cases, including neuro, pulmonary, transplant, hepatobiliary, GI/GU, and peripheral arterial disease. The camaraderie between residents and attendings is just phenomenal, which becomes an integral part of our growth into a confident and well-trained graduate. Initial years are very well spent in learning diagnostic radiology, which provides a great depth of knowledge and enables you to offer comprehensive care to your patients. I wouldn’t change a thing about my residency training and feel very confident to graduate and become an extremely skilled interventionalist. Proud to be at Einstein IR.

Class of 2023

Akash Desai, MD

Undergraduate: Texas Tech University
Medical School: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine
Internship: Surgery at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine

Welcome! My name is Akash Desai and I’m currently the PGY-4 IR/DR resident here at Einstein. I am originally from Texas and was born and raised in Austin. I did all my education at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas and then moved to Philadelphia after my internship. Philadelphia is a great city that I have really come to love and enjoy in the past several years. There is a lot of green space throughout the city, beautiful architecture, and amazing history here. Some of my favorite places are Independence Hall, the Art Museum/Rocky steps, and Reading Terminal Market (get a Beiler’s Donut). In my free time, I love to golf, watch sports, play videogames, and go out with friends. I like to try new restaurants in Philly and love to travel!

Why choose IR at Einstein? The amount of hands-on experience you get starting early on is incredible. On my first IR rotation, I was working one-on-one with attendings and starting to do procedures myself. In addition, the residents and attendings get along well with each other, and this fosters a supportive learning environment that makes it easy to thrive. I enjoy working with everyone in the department and this makes work a lot more fun. On top of our great IR experience, our diagnostic training is excellent and provides a great knowledge base to build upon in IR.

Class of 2024

Alex Anavim, MD

Undergraduate: UCLA
Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago
Internship: Northwestern University

My name is Alex, the current R2 IR/DR resident at Einstein Medical Center. I am a huge sports fan and bleed purple and gold for my Lakers, but I also love the Cubs and have officially jumped on the Eagles bandwagon. There is nothing more I enjoy in this world than to backpack and travel. My most recent trip was trekking through the Andes in Peru, and I will jump at any opportunity to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Outside of travel, I love hiking, playing basketball, cooking, and board games; however, since the pandemic, I have also become an avid baker. In my short year in Philadelphia, I have fallen in love with the city. There is never a shortage of restaurants to eat, history to witness, and activities to experience, with the perfect mix of city and nature.

Why choose IR at Einstein? I am so grateful to be at Einstein Medical Center for my IR residency! I have already made lifelong relationships with my co-residents, and l cannot overstate how much of a family atmosphere the attendings have created. The attendings work to learn who you are as an individual and work to see you excel in both your professional and personal life.

Class of 2025

Jung Yun, MD

Undergraduate: Washington University in St. Louis
Medical School: Stony Brook University
Internship: Transitional Year at Lincoln Hospital

In her free time, she loves being super active and spending time with her family and friends. She loves traveling around the world and can't wait for COVID-19 to die down, so she can travel again. One of her most memorable birthday memories was catching the Aurora in Iceland! The next stop on her list is Greece, then hopefully Peru! Her favorite parts about traveling are sightseeing and experiencing delicious cuisines. Speaking of food, one of the best aspects of living in Philly is the incredible food scene, which is even better and cheaper than in NYC! She also enjoys watching and playing sports, especially basketball. Lately, she’s been enjoying picnics in the park and tossing around a football or frisbee. She’s always down to try something new and have fun!

Why choose IR at Einstein? Supportive and collaborative culture within the department and with other specialties, wide scope of IR procedures, and excellent IR & DR training.

Class of 2026

Sagar Desai, DO

Undergraduate: Wilkes University
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Internship: Surgery at Einstein Philadelphia

Hello! My name is Sagar Desai, I am currently in my surgical preliminary year at Einstein before matriculating into the IR/DR residency. I'm originally from northern New Jersey. However, I've been in Pennsylvania since high school: Wilkes University for undergraduate and PCOM for medical school. Outside of work, I enjoy going to the gym, snowboarding and hanging out with friends.

Why choose IR at Einstein? As a MS4, I did an IR rotation at Einstein and instantly loved the program. There was great camaraderie between everyone in the department and the clinical training/caseload was second to none!

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