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Educational Program

The five-year IR curriculum consists of three years focused on diagnostic imaging and two years focused on IR. Please look at our Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program website for more information about our DR curriculum as well as more information about our residents, alumni and faculty. Up to nine months of the fourth year (PGY5) will be spent in IR or IR-related rotations.

Our DR and IR/DR residents will have the opportunity to train in Pediatric Radiology and Pediatric Interventional Radiology at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children which is a tertiary care pediatric hospital in Philadelphia. Residents now also have the opportunity to train in diagnostic pediatric radiology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, one of the most prestigious children’s hospitals in the world. Our Interventional Radiology residents will also rotate at our smaller community hospitals (Einstein Montgomery and Einstein Elkins Park) to provide a nice complement to the acute care experience at our main campus in Philadelphia.

We strive to be a well-rounded and robust program, training our residents in all procedural and clinical aspects of Interventional Radiology across all practice domains, from a busy Level 1 trauma center to the smaller community practices and pediatric hospitals.

Example Rotation Schedule

We have 4-week rotations for a total of 13 blocks per year. This is an example rotation schedule by year:

Nights: Nights during diagnostic radiology are on a Night float/Day float schedule. During this block the resident will work 14 nights out of the 28, usually alternating on 5-6 night stretches.
St. Chris and CHOP: Pediatric diagnostic radiology rotations


Interventional Radiology residents are required to complete an intern year before the IR residency. We encourage you to choose a preliminary medicine or surgery program with a strong clinical experience to provide you with the foundation upon which you will grow throughout your training in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. We have a very strong relationship with our surgery colleagues, and our IR resident has the option to complete a surgical internship here at Einstein as a combined program.

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