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The Hospice and Palliative Medicine fellowship program is a one-year training program. Training occurs mainly at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia where the Palliative Medicine team sees inpatient palliative medicine consultative services and outpatient care. The hospice portion of training occurs through collaboration with KeystoneCare Hospice which is a Philadelphia local non-profit hospice. Fellows will have opportunities to care for patients wherever home may be and in an inpatient hospice unit with an excellent interdisciplinary team. An added bonus of our fellowship program is the opportunity to complete the long-term care portion of training at Moss Rehab in Elkins Park. This provides the opportunity to see palliative medicine through a different lens- one of promoting rehabilitation and recovery. The pediatric portion will be supported by the Palliative Medicine team at Nemours.

The program is focused on inpatient palliative medicine and fellows will encounter diverse medical and surgical pathologies including the care of patients facing advance therapies. We are involved in supporting patients with very complex psychosocial problems that will require a fellow to learn how to work adeptly with a talented interdisciplinary team. Our faculty treat communication as a procedure and will provide guidance on improving communication over the one-year experience. Additionally, the faculty will provide research mentorship and foster a mindset of continuing education even after fellowship is complete.

Fellows rotating on the hospice rotation will acquire the expertise of caring for people in their homes despite complex symptoms at end-of-life. They will also be educated on building trusting relationships with the families and communities surrounding our patients.
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