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With 198 beds, MossRehab's main campus offers exposure and experience in a wide array of inpatient subspecialty rehabilitation areas, acute care hospital consults, EMG, OP multispecialty rehabilitation care and procedures. Our 24 board certified physiatrists, many with one or more subspecialty, clinical staff and therapists, prosthetists, orthotists and consulting physicians will be involved in your education. IP subspecialty programs and OP consultations with large patient volumes, EMG and procedures afford excellent training opportunities. The specialty functional laboratories in Gait & Motion Analysis and Motor Control allow exposure to complex evaluations and treatment planning and access to specialized equipment. The Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI) provides opportunities for clinical research education and collaboration.

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

The Philadelphia site provides exposure to a Level I Trauma Center and Stroke-Designated Center of Excellence. Residents will work in the rehabilitation of persons with poly-trauma, transplantation, and cardiac care needs. The training will expose you to the care continuum from acute to rehabilitation care, pediatric NICU, neurodevelopmental consults, EMG and OP musculoskeletal rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation and community reintegration.

Einstein Medical Center Montgomery

The Montgomery site will provide exposure and experience in acute care community hospital consults, palliative care, pediatric NICU consults, EMG and OP musculoskeletal rehabilitation care.

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