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Monthly Community-Wide Reading Program for Medical Staff

Rachel Fleishman, MD
Monthly readings and discussion session for medical staff to discuss an essay, short story, or book excerpt using close reading and reflection. Read more about this program here.

Airway: True Stories from the ER and Beyond

Eria Harris, MD
A recurring story hour for Emergency Department physicians dedicated to supporting community, humanism in medicine, and shared vulnerability through the art of oral storytelling.

Drawing to Decompress:

Nazanin Moghbeli, MD
In this workshop, participants will learn basic drawing techniques including an exploration of mark-making using different media, contour drawing, and ideas for starting a sketchbook. The goal of this workshop is to improve observational skills, promote creativity, and demonstrate how even a basic connection to the arts can improve well-being and prevent burnout. The course is fully virtual and materials are provided to participants in advance. All levels are welcome. Learn more about the Drawing to Decompress program here.


  • Connect with colleagues in a non-medical setting
  • Learn basic drawing skills regardless of prior experience
  • Learn to integrate drawing into daily life to decompress and unwind
  • Increase team building
  • Provide quiet time for slowing down and being creative
  • Improve careful observation skills by “slow looking” and drawing
  • Decrease provider burnout and improve well-being

Visual Story Telling

Erica Harris, MD
As the director of EMCP’s trauma program, Dr. Harris uses short films to explore emotional responses to the epidemic of gun violence and the COVID pandemic. Read more about her work here and here.

Audio Story Telling

Christopher Drumm, DO
A community family practice physician PodCasts about his life as a physician, husband, and father. Read more about his work here and here.

Storytelling Events

Rachel Fleishman, MD
Story-telling forums to give voice to what healthcare workers witness in our roles as healers.

Annual Re-Frame workshop

Nazanin Moghbeli, MD
We partner with a local art museum educator and learn the principles of visual analysis. Participants have the opportunity to apply these skills to make sketches directly from museum works. Team building is a core tenant, and exercises are designed to engage participants in describing and drawing together in pairs. In the second half, we will lead a personal response tour in which participants are given a prompt about an experience they have had in their practice, and asked to link it to a work in the museum that resonates with the prompt. After a period of reflection, the group will share their thoughts with the group. This sparks personal reflection, connection to the mission of our work as clinicians, and highlights the shared experiences of participants.

Lobby Exhibits:

  • Soul Shots 2021
  • Capturing Hope is for 2021

Schwartz Rounds

Ahashta Johnson, MD and Eric Goodlev, MD

Schwartz Rounds provides a forum to discuss the impact healthcare workers face in caring for their patients and families. The humanistic focus of these rounds invites healthcare workers to share their reflections and feelings centered around real cases.

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