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340B Program in Action

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The 340B prescription drug program is a vital lifeline for safety-net providers, supporting critical health services in our communities. The program is narrowly tailored to reach only hospitals that provide a high level of services to low-income individuals or that serve isolated rural communities. Savings from the 340B program help hospitals meet the healthcare needs of underserved patients across the country. Congress should preserve and protect the 340B program as an essential part of the safety-net that does not rely on taxpayer dollars.

Updated Fall 2019

Albert Einstein Medical Center is a 782 bed urban disproportionate share hospital (DSH) located in a poor area of Philadelphia. Our preeminent mission is to provide care regardless of ability to pay.

The 340B program helps Einstein increase access to much needed medications for our uninsured and underinsured patients. We utilize the 340B program to fill all prescriptions for inpatients discharged from the hospital regardless of their ability to pay. This insures that patients have immediate access to medication upon their return home whether or not they have any prescription insurance. We provide an initial 30 day prescription at the time of discharge. 340B savings also help support Einstein’s Medication REACH program, which includes:

  • Reconciliation of their medication lists
  • Education with a transitions of care pharmacist that is custom to the patient’s needs
  • Resolution of access to care issues
  • Counseling post-discharge resulting in healthier patients at home

We have seen a measurable reduction in the chance of readmission when the REACH model is deployed. Einstein’s Medication REACH program has been recognized as a national best practice by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the American Public Health Association.

Click here to download the full 340B In Action brochure (PDF).

How 340B Helps our Patients

Faces of 340B

Michael Hutson couldn't afford the $500 co-pay for medication he needed after a kidney transplant. Einstein used 340B to provide Michael his medication for free. Read more about Michael's experience with 340B here.

2019 340B Roundtable Event

340B Health represents safety-net hospitals participating in the 340B drug discount program, including Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. 340B savings enables hospitals to expand the care they provide to patients living with low incomes. The organization held a roundtable at Einstein on October 22, 2019, where participants from 340B hospitals in the region discussed the latest 340B policy and regulatory developments.


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