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For those web users whose browsers support access keys, the web site has been programmed so that the primary sections of the site are accessible without the use of a mouse:

Access Key Destination URL
a About https://www.einstein.edu/?id=420&sid=1
c Contact us https://www.einstein.edu/about-mossrehab/contact-us
d Directions https://www.einstein.edu/?id=203&sid=2
o For Healthcare Professionals https://www.einstein.edu/?id=11&sid=2
h Home https://www.einstein.edu/?id=2&sid=2
p Patients & Visitors https://www.einstein.edu/?id=8&sid=2
l Locations https://www.einstein.edu/locations/
r Request an Appointment https://www.einstein.edu/find-physician/make-appointment
t Schedule a Tour https://www.einstein.edu/about-mossrehab/schedule-tour
0 Einstein Healthcare Network https://www.einstein.edu/
4 Careers https://www.einstein.edu/?sid=2&id=56
5 Contact https://www.einstein.edu/?id=78&sid=2
6 Ways to Give https://www.einstein.edu/?sid=2&id=54
7 Terms of Use https://www.einstein.edu/termsofuse/
8 Privacy Statement https://www.einstein.edu/privacystatement/
9 Accessibility https://www.einstein.edu/accessibility

In general, access keys require the user to hold down either the ALT (Windows) or Control (Macintosh) key while clicking the desired access key. The ENTER key is also required for Windows users. For instance, in order for Windows users to get to the Homepage they should type ALT-h and then ENTER.

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