Words from Our Patients

Every Day is a Blessing

Anna, Lung Cancer Patient

Anna has always been a woman who smiles, a lot. As wife, mother of two active boys, swim coach, scout leader and realtor, she was up for anything that came her way… that is, except lung cancer.

Three years ago, she faced 33 rounds of chemo and surgery to remove a baseball-sized tumor from her lung. When she was declared in remission, Anna resumed her busy life. Everything seemed fine until her six-month checkup. The cancer had not only returned, but had spread to her liver, brain and lymph nodes.

Anna turned to Einstein Health Network oncologist, Madiha Gilani, MD.

The two had an immediate chemistry. Dr. Gilani loved Anna’s positivity. Anna appreciated Dr. Gilani’s approach to treatment. Together, they formulated an aggressive plan, beginning with radiation to the brain. “Dr. Gilani and her staff are fantastic,” said Anna. “The nurse navigators are literally standing by. They’ve become my second family.”

Her nurses are impressed with Anna’s outlook on life. Recalling one nurse who asked if Anna ever got sad, Anna answered, “I’m realistic. I never doubted I’d have to fight this cancer and know that good days are a luxury.” She stays strong by enjoying every day with her family. They, in turn, remain her rock and her motivation for continuing treatment.

Soon, Anna will begin radiation to her liver. She knows she can handle treatment with the help of a team she can count on. She explains, “Trust is the biggest thing. I know Dr. Gilani cares. I trust her completely.”

“Chances are, I’ll be in treatment as long as I live,” says Anna. “I know about recent breakthroughs in cancer treatment. One of them is going to help me.” In the meantime, she remains optimistic, adding. “Every day is a blessing.”

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