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COVID-19 Testing

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If you are experiencing severe COVID-19 symptoms – intense chest pain or significant difficulty breathing, for example – please visit one of the Einstein Healthcare Network emergency departments for care. If your symptoms are milder, you can also contact your primary care physician or JeffConnect for virtual care. If you are NOT experiencing symptoms and just want a COVID test, please use testing sites other than emergency departments. There are numerous testing sites throughout the Philadelphia region. 

How to Get Tested

If you are concerned about potential COVID-19 symptoms, call your Einstein primary care physician.

After evaluating you or your loved one over the phone, your physician will determine whether the patient should:

  • Be referred for COVID-19 testing
  • Self-quarantine at home and treat symptoms with over-the-counter medication
  • Go to the Emergency Room

Where to Get Tested​

If you are an Einstein patient, call your primary care physician to arrange for testing. Your physician's office will direct you to possible testing sites.

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