Direct Access Colonoscopy

Einstein Healthcare Network now has a Direct Access Colonoscopy program.

Patients can schedule their colonoscopy over the phone – no preliminary office visit required. Did you know 90% of colon cancer deaths are preventable? That means a preventative colon screening could save your life.

So when should you schedule an appointment?

A colon screening or a colonoscopy best allows for your physician to check for any abnormalities while you are feeling healthy – before symptoms of a disease occur.

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What is the Direct Access Program and What Does It Do?

Einstein’s Direct Access Colonoscopy allows patients to skip the pre-specialist doctor’s visit and schedule a colonoscopy directly. At Einstein Gastroenterology, our dedicated team of fellowship-trained staff want to make preventative screenings as easy as possible for you.

Call the Einstein DAC Line today -- 215-456-5832 (Philadelphia) or 610-233-3098 (Montgomery),  if you are:

  • Age 45 or older*
  • Have a family history of the disease
  • Have had polyps discovered during previous colonoscopy

*Not all insurance plans pay for earlier screenings in this group. Check your plan for details.

Schedule Your Colonoscopy Today!​

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia
1200 West Tabor Road
Second Floor, Suite 275
Philadelphia, PA 19141
P: 215-456-8210
DAC Line: 215-456-5832

Einstein Endoscopy Center Blue Bell
676 DeKalb Pike
Blue Bell, PA 19422
P: 610-233-3177
DAC Line: 610-233-3098


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