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Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia (Philadelphia County) is a Level 1 Trauma Center that sees over 90,000 patients annually, with a large fraction being high-acuity medical cases and major trauma. It serves as a medical command facility and provides online medical direction for a variety of EMS agencies, including the Philadelphia Fire Department, southern Montgomery County EMS agencies and multiple private companies. Communication modalities include the medical command phone for direct consultation with a command physician and the pre-hospital notification system which provides incident alerts through Philadelphia’s dispatch system. The hospital also has dual helipads to receive scene and interfacility helicopter transports. 


Responsibilities are progressive. The fellows' initial education will familiarize them with state laws, regional and county organizational structure, and protocols and guidelines. They complete the PA State Medical Command Physician course and deliver online medical command. They will complete an emergency vehicle operations course and demonstrate the ability to safely operate an ambulance and response vehicle safely and in compliance with state laws. Paramedics supervisors and other pre-hospital clinicians provide valuable experience to familiarize fellows with the area and local operations.

Fellows obtain State Pre-Hospital Physician certification (EMT-PHP) and transition from direct supervision by EMS faculty to providing care independently.

Fellows work with the quality improvement committee and review provider charts according to established criteria. They participate in investigations of patient care issues or complaints and review all sentinel events.

Fellows actively participate in designing and delivering EMS education and skills review and evaluations.

Fellows attend ambulance committee meetings, and their affiliations with the various services afford them the opportunity to attend Medical Advisory Committee meetings for Philadelphia and Montgomery County regions, and the State of Pennsylvania.


The EMS Fellowship is a partnership between Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Fire Department and Thomas Jefferson University JeffSTAT.

The fellowship is designed to provide emergency medicine physicians the opportunity to be educated and trained in the administrative, medical oversight and field aspects of EMS systems.

Rural, urban, and suburban experiences are part of the program. The wide range of opportunities provided includes:
  • ground and air operations
  • hazmat training
  • paramedic didactic and clinical instruction
  • administrative and research experiences
  • community resource management
  • disaster planning and training
  • dispatch/communication operations
  • exposure to all models of EMS agencies (volunteer, career, public service, regional and state)
Individuals successfully completing the fellowship will excel as Medical Director in any pre-hospital agency or system.

The division also interfaces with all emergency management initiatives within the Einstein Health Network. Fellows sit on the Emergency Management Committee along with Division members and actively participate in all exercises and drills. Fellows function as faculty for the Department of Emergency Medicine and have opportunities for resident and medical student education.

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

As the primary clinical site and the administrative home of our program and faculty, Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia serves as "home base". Core areas of the fellowship are centered here, including didactic education both in EMS core content, Emergency Medicine and general physician development; administrative support, research and bio-statistics resources; and scholarly collaboration with other EM and EMS physicians and the clinical practice of their primary board specialty.

The EMS Physician Response Team, which is a specialty resource owned by Einstein, is based at this site and available to respond to a broad geographic area. Fellows are integral members of this team and participate in responses where they deliver EMS physician-level care alongside EMS faculty.


Inter-facility patient transport and scene aeromedical response to high-acuity patients are core competencies for EMS Physicians. With JeffSTAT, a high-volume air and ground service serving the Jefferson Network and other sites in the region, fellows are exposed to all aspects of this agency.

Fellows develop skills in medical direction for high-acuity critical care transport and provide care in the transport and aeromedical setting.

Upon completion of the program, fellows will understand the organization, administration and operation of transport and air EMS. Fellows will be prepared to serve as physician medical directors for any EMS inter-facility transport service.

Philadelphia Fire Department

The Philadelphia Fire Department is one of the largest and busiest fire-based EMS services in the United States. Our EMS fellows have a unique opportunity to develop their clinical and operational expertise in this dynamic system, as well as participate in quality improvements and policy development that benefits thousands of patients.

Fellows develop skills in EMS Administration and Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI) by serving in an assistant medical director capacity. They hone out-of-hospital clinical skills to deliver quality medical care in the pre-hospital setting at all levels.

Fellows learn emergency communications and dispatch protocols in an extremely busy Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) that receives over 1000 calls per day.

Coordination with other City agencies such as the Department of Emergency Management (Disaster Planning and Mass Gatherings), Department of Public Health, Police Department and Office of the Medical Examiner enrich the rotation with a diversity of perspectives.

Fellows are supervised by the EMS faculty, particularly the EMS Medical Director, and work closely with the Assistant Deputy Chief for EMS on operational issues.

Other Opportunities

Through their involvement with Philadelphia-area services, Einstein's EMS division physicians provide fellows with exposure to several systems including urban fire-based, suburban third-service, non-profit, and for-profit agencies. The division physicians also provide access through their roles in direct medical oversight for multiple BLS and ALS EMS services in the region as well as on advisory boards for the City and surrounding Counties.

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