Mission Statement

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The fellowship mission is to cultivate clinically and administratively successful Emergency Medical Services Physicians who are leaders in providing compassionate, collaborative and exceptional out-of-hospital patient care. The program primarily serves the Philadelphia region and its residents, though fellowship graduates will be well prepared to serve urban, suburban or rural communities nationwide.

Einstein Healthcare Network's mission, "with humanity, humility and honor, to heal by providing exceptionally intelligent and responsive healthcare and education for as many as we can reach," remarkably describes the mission of EMS, to bring high-quality healthcare into non-hospital settings. EMS physicians must be excellent EMS clinicians, delivering both routine and advanced pre-hospital care with expert competence. Lastly, they must be academic, both educating front line pre-hospital providers and EM physicians, and eventually future EMS physicians, while simultaneously asking important questions and developing research to support evidence-based practices.

Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive Emergency Medical Services education, aligned with the mission of our institution, through:
  • A dynamic academic curriculum focused on developing EMS physicians as lifetime learners with clinical excellence and academic curiosity
  • Diverse clinical experiences ranging from routine to highly specialized, serving as many as we can reach  
  • Robust support for research and knowledge creation through a dedicated research division of Emergency Medicine
  • Empowerment of the fellow to make a real, measurable impact on pre-hospital systems and quality of EMS care
  • Fostering a supportive and healthy environment where fellows, faculty and patients approach all interactions with humanity, humility and honor
  • Providing EMS Physician leaders with confidence to practice in all settings
  • Work to make EMS more just and equitable across communities and regions, particularly the under-served populations in the Einstein community and the entire City of Philadelphia

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