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Transplant Nephrology

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The Transplant Nephrology fellowship program provide training and experience in end-stage renal disease management, training in the selection of appropriate transplant recipients and donors, experience in the immediate and long term care of both living and deceased donor transplant recipients, as well as the appropriate management of the living donor, and training the in the performance of renal transplant biopsies.  There is an emphasis on the management of immunosuppressive agents and the evaluation of renal dysfunction.  Combined surgical and medical rounds are conducted on a regular basis.

The Transplant Nephrology fellow will acquire expertise in tissue typing, other organ transplant, kidney transplant, transplant pathology, indications for, performance of, and interpretation of renal transplant biopsies, histocompatibility/tissue typing, procedures and activities of an organ procurement organization, organ recovery procedures and evaluation of potential kidney transplant recipients, potential living donors. 


Eric Bloom, MD
Division Head, Nephrology

Gitana Bradauskaite, MD
Program Director, Transplant Nephrology Fellowship Program

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