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Clinical Observerships

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Physician Observership Program

Einstein Medical Center is pleased to offer clinical observerships to physicians hosted by our graduate medical education programs at Einstein Medical Center – Philadelphia location. Graduates of LCME, AOA, ADA, or CPME schools are eligible to participate. International graduates are also welcome

An observership is an educational experience (longer than a day but no longer than 4 weeks) that is restricted to watching and listening during patient histories, physical examinations, procedures, surgeries, outpatient appointments, teaching rounds, and educational conferences. An observer is under direct supervision by an Einstein sponsoring healthcare provider in the department where he/she will be doing observership. An observership DOES NOT include participation in direct or indirect patient care or management, nor constitute medical training. An observership is NOT a clerkship, nor an experience that should confer academic credit. At the end of the observership, you will receive a letter of completion.

A request for an observership does not guarantee a slot will be available. In addition, Einstein Medical Center may delay the start, terminate early, or cancel an observership at any time at its sole discretion. Einstein Medical Center maintains the right to remove an observer from assignment after it has been determined by Einstein Medical Center that such removal is in the best interest of Einstein Medical Center and/or its patients and their families. Einstein Medical Center shall have the right at any time to take whatever action it deems necessary, including the barring of an observer from its premises, in order to ensure the safety and welfare of its patients and to maintain the operation of its facilities free from disruption.

Observership Requirements:

The following is required for acceptance and review of application:

  • Must be fluent in the English language.
  • Must complete an Observership Application. A request for an observership does not guarantee a slot will be available.  
  • Must provide current curriculum vitae indicating prior training, research, publications and ECFMG status if applicable or available.
  • Must provide copy of current transcript from medical or clinical training school.
  • Must provide USMLE/COMLEX scores (if applicable)

Programs Offering Observerships:

Observerships are being offered by the following programs only on the Philadelphia campus:

  • Emergency Medicine – 4 weeks (mid-December - mid-March)
  • Neurology – 2-4 weeks (February – May & August – October)
  • Radiology – 1-4 weeks (mid-January – mid-October)
  • Interventional Radiology – 1-4 weeks (mid-January – mid-October)
  • Internal Medicine – 2-4 weeks (February – mid-October)
  • Infectious Disease – 2 weeks
  • Gastroenterology – 2 weeks
  • Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine – 2 weeks
  • Hematology/Medical Oncology – 2 weeks
  • Cardiology – 2 weeks
  • Interventional Cardiology – 2 weeks
  • Nephrology – 2 weeks
  • Inpatient Hepatology – 1-4 weeks
  • Outpatient Hepatology – 1-4 weeks
  • Transplant Hepatology – 1-4 weeks
  • Pediatrics – 2 weeks (February – May & August – October)
  • Psychiatry – 2 or 4 weeks
  • Surgery – 4 weeks (August – September & February – May)
  • Transplant Surgery – 4 weeks
  • Vascular Surgery – 1-4 weeks
  • Urology – 1-4 weeks


Only checks or money orders will be accepted upon approval of the observership and prior to the start date.  We will accept credit/debit cards as form of payment in person.   The fees are non-refundable

The charge for observerships is as follows:

  • $1600 for 4 weeks
  • $800 for 2 weeks
  • $400 for 1 week

Contact Info:

Submit your application along with your current CV, medical school transcript and USMLE/COMLEX scores to Sandra Swint-Jones at physicianobserver@jefferson.edu.


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