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Program Administration for Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology 

Terence A.S. Matalon, MD, FACR, FSIR
Title: Chairman, Diagnostic Radiology

The Diagnostic Radiology residency program here at Einstein Healthcare Network is unique. We combine an environment that emphasizes teaching, rather than academic or clinical productivity, with a fundamental caseload rich in a cross-section of various diseases.

The commitment of the staff to teaching here is both refreshing and invigorating. Our trainees find themselves well-prepared for either academic or clinical practice venues. As a resident-dominated program (i.e. no fellows), no dilution of case material occurs. I believe that the residents truly enjoy their tenure here and encourage you to ask them yourself.

We are truly fortunate in this day of contracting resources to be in the beginning of a sustained capital campaign with a new PACs system operational by the summer of 2004 as well as multiple new CT and MRs. Dedicated resources for resident educational opportunities are also available.

Ryan J. Smith, MD
Title: Program Director, Diagnostic Radiology
Einstein is a great place to do your residency.

It’s a place that combines the size and scope of a university hospital with the hands-on, clinical experience you usually only find in a smaller program. With that combination you will become a competent and confident radiology resident who will feel comfortable moving on to the fellowship program or job of your choice. The fact that we do not have any fellows means that you as a resident will have every opportunity to be first person to look at a case from the ER, work side-by-side with our women’s imagers in reviewing, planning, and performing biopsies, and getting your hands on catheters in any number of interventional procedures. That experience is invaluable and cannot be understated.

I enjoyed my four years of residency at Einstein so much that it was the only place I could ever imagine myself working after fellowship. Five years later, as an attending, it has been everything I had hoped and more. I have enjoyed working with our bright and enthusiastic residents every day whether it be on rotations, in lectures, or collaborating on research projects. Now I am embarking on a new chapter as the Program Director of this tremendous residency built by Dr. Herring. I am coming in at a very exciting time. Dr. Herring has created an amazing atmosphere for our residents to learn and a truly strong foundation for us to build upon and move forward in the ever changing world of Radiology.

I have always found Einstein to be a friendly place to train and teach. Even though we are a 600-bed, Level 1 trauma center with an active transplant service and over 300 residents and fellows, it never feels quite that large. We have developed very strong and amicable relationships with all of our clinicians through frequent in-person discussions and reviews of their patients imaging, or in one of the many multidisciplinary conferences we participate in every week. Through our main campus in Philadelphia, our community hospital in Montgomery County, and several outpatient facilities, the Einstein Healthcare Network will provide you with a diverse patient population, a tremendous wealth of case material, and an experienced and very knowledgeable staff that seems to extend its scope beyond its size.

You have a lot to learn to become a radiologist and contrary to some ancient myths, the radiologist’s workday is an extremely busy one. I truly believe learning should be as enjoyable as possible and our twice-daily resident conferences are instructive without being overbearing, educational without making anyone feel humiliated, informative and sometimes highly entertaining without being tedious and boring. We are always trying to improve and enhance our lectures, and we now incorporate audience response questions to maximize the use of mobile technology and to have a little fun at the same time.

Our faculty is here, because they truly enjoy teaching and must truly love Einstein, as many of our staff trained here. Many of them hold certificates of added qualification in their subspecialty area and all of them, I know, are strongly committed to resident education and to providing quality patient care. All of the faculty are accessible to our residents all of the time, so the faculty-resident interactions are frequent and friendly.

We take research and scholarly activity very seriously. This past year we had the highest number of exhibits accepted at major conferences like the RSNA and ARRS (many of which won awards), numerous articles published in major journals, and had faculty speak at several local and national meetings. When you participate in scholarly activity as a resident, you will have ample opportunity, resources, and abundant case material with which to work. Our faculty will be eager to help you in the design and implementation of your clinical research study. You will have ample opportunity to participate in teaching as a resident as well. You will have almost daily contact with medical students from schools here in Philadelphia, residents from other programs rotating through the department, as well as our radiology technology students. You will also have the opportunity teach these same individuals in a classroom setting.

I understand the trust that an applicant places in a residency program to train him or her for their life’s ambition. I understand that all applicants have a choice and those that choose Einstein are placing their full hope and faith in us to train them to be clinically-competent, academically-talented, Board-certified radiologists. The faculty and I take that trust very seriously.

Marai Grigovich, MD
Title: 2021-2022 Chief Resident

Mehdi Taghipour, MD
Title: 2021-2022 Chief Resident

Nichole Adkinson, MBA
 Program Administrator

Faculty for Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology 

Derek Biederman, MD

Paul S. Brady, MD - Section Head of Interventional Radiology

Cynthia Chan, MD

Kevin Chen, MD

Micah Cohen, MD

Elena Den, MD

Brooke Devenney, MD

Daniel A. Eisenberg, MD

Michael Ferra, MD

Jeremy Ganeles, MD

Tetyana Gorbachova, MD - Section Head of MSK

Igor Goykhman, DO

Julie Gubernick, MD - Chief of Radiology, Einstein Medical Center Montgomery

John Hochhold, MD

Cheryl Kirby, MD

Ryan Lee, MD - Section Head of Neuroradiology

Joyce Li, MD

Elizabeth Little, MD

  Balasubramani Natarajan, MD - Program Director, Interventional Radiology Residency

Antoni Parellada, MD

Julia Peoples Robinson, MD

Shuchi K. Rodgers, MD - Director of Abdominal Imaging

Rani Sewatkar, MD

Monda Shehata, MD

Nikki Sistrun, MD

Ryan Smith, MD - Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program Director

Hongju Son, MD - Section Head of Thoracic Imaging

Huyen D. Tran, MD - Section Head of Nuclear Medicine

Peter Wang, MD - Section Head of Body CT and MRI

Jill Zhang, MD

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