Mission Statement

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The Emergency Medicine Residency Program is aligned with the Einstein Healthcare Network's mission to provide care with humanity involving humanness and kindness, humility about our own importance in this process, honor with due esteem and reverence for the medical profession, and healing by providing highly intelligent and responsive healthcare for as many patients as we can reach. The mission of the Emergency Medicine Residency Program is to ensure that each resident approaches patient care in the emergency department with humanity, humility and honor and understands that it is an honor to have the skill set to save lives, limbs, and reduce pain and suffering.

Program Aims

1. To prepare residents to understand the specific needs of the community and hospital that we will serve and will be compassionate in the care of their patients and "give-back" both to the community and hospital.

2. To foster an educational atmosphere which will support overall competency through self-directed and self-motivated learning, teaching both one on one and in a large group settings with and intellectual curiosity manifest through participation in independent research and other scholarly activities.

3. To ensure that residents will develop expertise in applying computer-based information systems to patient care, systems-based practice, practice-based learning, and life-long continuing medical education.

4. To foster the unwavering application of humanism to all encounters with patients, families and colleagues.

5. To demonstrate an understanding of logistics, overcoming barriers, and costs of providing effective health care in the ED to individuals of varied socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds and utilizing hospital and regional resources to improve and secure quality care and patient safety.

6. To foster the unwavering application of humanism to all encounters with patients, families, and colleagues.

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