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MossRehab Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Welcome to the MossRehab/Einstein Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Training Program

Who We Are

The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Training Program at MossRehab and Einstein Healthcare Network focuses on interdisciplinary education for Residents, Fellows and Medical Students. Using evidence-based clinical care, our program encourages Residents to pursue academic and research activities that improve medical rehabilitation education and a emphasize outcomes that promote independent self-care for individuals with disabilities related to neuromusculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary pathologies. 

Our Mission

Our program aims to provide the highest level of care possible to improve the lives of persons with disabilities and has been a nationally recognized premier center. MossRehab has been in the forefront of PM&R education and research for more than five decades and in rehabilitation care for over one century. Although new as an independent educational program, we have served as primary educators for others in the region.

How We Educate Residents

After completing their training in PM&R, Residents will exhibit knowledge, skills, and attitudes that allow for successful independent practice. They will achieve milestones in the medical competencies to care for persons with acute and chronic disabilities related to injury and illness in inpatient and outpatient settings. Residents will learn to manage medical issues related to rehabilitation therapies, procedures, and management of neuromusculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary disabilities.

Residents will also be able to lead interdisciplinary team-based patient care activities and communicate effectively. They will provide care with compassion, empathy, integrity, and accountability, show respect for others and exhibit highly ethical behavior. Finally, Residents will learn to provide cost-effective medical treatment in all medical settings, including acute hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, subacute nursing facilities, home care, and outpatient care.

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