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MossRehab is one of the premier rehabilitation centers in the country and the largest in the region. There are training fellowships in Brain injury, spasticity, sports and interventional spine. Medical students rotate in the institution. PM&R residents share their knowledge of rehabilitation medicine with other learners and benefit from the unique experiences. Entrustable Professional Activities are used as part of the educational process.

Once per week for 4 hours, residents have dedicated time for didactic activities. The first 8 weeks will be devoted to PM&R basic core curriculum. Topics discussed include rehabilitation related physiology, anatomy, neuropsychology, speech and swallowing, administration, infection control, quality assurance, research methodology, physical and occupational therapies. The reminder of the year will be dedicated to educating on a wide array of topics relevant to the field provided by local, national and international experts in PM&R, allied health professionals and other medical experts. Every clinical program rotation has a 1 hour / week programmatic specific educational event in addition to twice per month journal club. Quarterly lectures on wellbeing are provided. Multiday courses specific to Orthotics, Prosthetics, Gait, US and EMG are provided twice during the residency.

Various lectures and conferences are available through Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI).

All the services have gait rounds in the therapy gym for patient care purposes that helps to educate residents about the nuances of gait problems, deviations along with associated treatments. The physicians who have been identified as core faculty currently educate PM&R residents from the Temple, University of Pennsylvania, Jefferson and JFK residency programs on prosthetics, orthotics, gait, traumatic brain injury, spasticity, electrodiagnostic, pain and MSK rehabilitation and interventional procedures. Staff is known nationally and internationally for their contributions to the literature, educational offerings and research as well as being highly regarded clinicians.

The residents will have access to the electronic resources available at Einstein Medical Center including the SimLab, online medical library, UpToDate, Micromedex and other electronic resources. At MossRehab the residents will also have access to several major PM&R texts as well as several journals pertaining to PM&R and multidisciplinary care. MRRI is located at MossRehab and the researchers are available to discuss experimental design and statistical analysis and to mentor the residents in research projects. MossRehab also has the largest and most diverse robotic assisted rehabilitation program in the nation, with 29 different devices which are used for robotic assisted rehabilitation as well as therapy staff that are trained in their use. MossRehab has the first neurologic physical therapy residency program in the nation as well as a sports and neurologic occupational therapy residency program that share resources with the PM&R residents.

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