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Clinical Sites

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Neurology - Clinical Sites

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia (EMCP)

The majority of clinical training takes place at main campus.  With the busiest emergency department in Philadelphia (over 90,000 ED visits per year) and the 24/7 operation of neuroscience (12-bed), intensive care (48-bed) and step-down (50-bed) units, residents gain clinical experience in the gamut of neological disease and disorders.  There were over 1,000 adult inpatient admissions to the neurology service.

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia

Einstein neurology residents will spend three (3) months during the PGY-2 and PGY-3 training years at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children (SCHC) gaining clinical experience in all aspects of pediatric neurology. Located approximately five (5) miles from main campus, SCHC is a 189 bed pediatric hospital with 16 intensive care unit/cardiac care unit beds, 18 special care unit beds and 30 neonatal intensive care unit beds. Neurological facilities include two video EEG unit rooms on general floors, one video EEG unit in an ICU, 1 video EEG unit in special care unit, and 1 video EEG unit in the neonatal intensive care unit. There were over 345 pediatric admissions to their neurological services in 2009.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia

Einstein neurology residents will spend one (1) month during the PGY-2 and PGY-3 training years at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (TJUH) gaining clinical experience in neuropathology. Located approximately seven (7) miles from main campus, TJUH is an academic medical center with 969 acute care beds. There were 46,321 admissions to TJUH in fiscal year 2011. Neurology residents will spend their Neuropathology rotation working in a neuropathology lab at Jefferson Medical College attending all brain cuttings, neuropathology slide review conferences, all teaching conferences and reviewing neuropathological gross and histological specimens under the guidance of an attending neuropathologist. At the end of the month, the resident will present two cases, complete with gross and histologic slides. During the remainder of their residency, all neurology residents will attend the brain cutting sessions conducted by a neuropathologist from Jefferson Medical College.

Moss Rehabilitation/Einstein Medical Center Elkins Park (EMCEP)

This is a 195-bed hospital with 129 beds devoted to Moss Rehabilitation and the remaining 66 beds allocated as general medical-surgical patient beds, including seven (7) ICU and twenty (20) step-down beds.  There is a full-service emergency department staffed by the same attending physicians who staff EMCP emergency department which manages over 11,000 visits each year.  The Department of Neurology has outpatient offices located within a multi-disciplinary office suite at EMCEP.  Residents are welcomed to this location for elective rotations in Traumatic Brain Injury and Ophthalmology.

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