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Current Residents and Alumni

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Alumni: Where are they now?

2021 Neurology Graduates
Khaled Abdalla, MD – Neuroimmunology/Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship, UVA, Charlottesville, VA
Pavan Patel, DO – Trauma, Concussion, and Sports Neuromedicine Fellowship, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Maryamnaz Zaribaf, MD – Movement Disorders Fellowship, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

2020 Neurology Graduates

Maria Virginia Diaz-Rojas, MD – Stroke Fellowship, University of Texas Health, Houston, TX
Annie Hsieh, MD, PhD – Neuro-Oncology Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Steven Yang, Do, MS – Neurocritical Care Fellowship, University of California, San Diego, CA

2019 Neurology Graduates
Saman Zafar, MD — Electrophysiology Fellowship, Cornell University NY
Ylec Mariana Cardenas, MD — Neuromuscular Fellowship, Yale, CT
Lakshmi Leishangthem, MD — Neuro-ophthalmology Fellowship, Stanford, CA

2018 Neurology Graduates
Anusha Edara, MD — Sleep Fellowship, Duke University, NC
Dilip Jayaraman, MD — Stroke Fellowship, University of Massachusetts, MA
Jalyoung Joe, MD — Epilepsy Fellowship, Harvard, MA

Current Residents, 2021-2022


PGY-1: Preliminary Residents (Internal-Medicine Internship)

Suyoung Kim, MD

Med School:
Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea

I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea where I studied Bioscience and Medicine. I first developed an interest in Neurology when I was 15 through a research program in a Neuroscience laboratory. Learning about Neuroplasticity and memory formation was a huge breakthrough and it helped me overcome obstacles in my life. I participated in research programs, wrote my graduation thesis about neuron-degeneration at University, and I grew my passion on a clinical basis through Neurology rotations. After graduation, I worked as a primary care physician in South Korea. I was drawn to Einstein because of its warm welcoming environment, diverse cases, and educational opportunities.

Besides work, I enjoy working out, painting, and spending memorable times with my friends and family. I am also excited to experience the amazing city of Philadelphia!

Varsha Muddasani, MD

Med School:
Father Muller Medical College

After having completed my medical school in Mangalore in southern India, I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to pursue my interest in neurology by working as a postdoc fellow at Dr. DeHavenon’s lab focused on stroke and vascular neurology. My personal experiences and the time I spent as a postdoc further solidified my resolve to pursue the spectacular specialty of neurology. Navigating the virtual match process amidst the rising concern over covid was no easy task. But with Einstein, I could easily identify role models in the field, and I was quick to feel a sense of belonging with the team. I instantly knew that Einstein was the place for me, to grow in my career and make friends along the way. Outside of work, I am a cooking enthusiast, look for every excuse to be outdoors and find myself constantly torn between being a cat person or a dog person. After having spent the past year in the beautiful mountain state of Utah, I am very excited about the city life that Philly has to offer!

Sahil Naik, MD

Med School:
Guangxi Medical University

Growing up in Mumbai, India I always found the field of medicine very interesting; and during medical school in Nanning, China I found Neurology to be one of the most intriguing subjects. Learning about the tracts, how to localize a lesion and the diverse neurological pathologies were fascinating to me. I have always had a passion towards community service and extracurricular activities such as the student union and being chief editor of the university magazine, Medley.

With the dreams and ambition of becoming a Neurologist, I came to the US as a research scholar at the Department of Neurology of the University of Louisville. I am ever so thankful for the guidance and constant motivation I received from my mentors who helped me achieve my dream and start a new chapter in my medical carrier.

I am eagerly anticipating my next stage of training in Einstein Neurology. I already feel a sense of belonging to their close-knit family atmosphere. Besides my academics I love traveling, working out, and dancing. I am also an avid foodie and I am super excited to explore the culinary scenes in Philadelphia.

PGY-2: Neurology Residents

Pooneh Memar Ardestani, MD

Med School:
Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

I am originally from Iran, and I studied medicine in my hometown, Isfahan. Then, I started my international journey by moving to Singapore to get my PhD in molecular/cellular Neuroscience from National University of Singapore (NUS). Next, I moved to the United States where I joined Stanford Behavioral and Functional Neuroscience Lab (SBFNL) at Stanford University as a postdoctoral fellow and I enjoyed working on multiple interesting drug discovery projects. To pursue my goal as a physician-scientist, I joined the Neurology Residency Program at Einstein which I am sure is going to be an amazing experience next year, as soon as I finish my prelim year in Internal Medicine. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, making new friends, and painting!

Paulina Henriquez Rojas, MD

Med School:
Universidad Central de Venezuela Escuela de Medicina Jose Maria Vargas

I was born and raised in the chaotic city of Caracas, Venezuela by two wonderful women who early on taught me about discipline, perseverance, humility and kindness. 30 years later I can say I wouldn’t have had success in the medical field had I lacked any of those. Somewhere between healing very “sick” toys and seeing members of my dear and big family suffer from a devastating degenerative disease, my interest in neurology grew strong. I came to the US with a bag full of ifs and another full of will, both of which opened room for me at Yale in the Epilepsy division. It was there that I was once again convinced of the wonders of the brain, and a new interest arose in critical care.

What led me to Einstein was the warmth with which I was received, the diverse community, and the high praise from previous residents about their learning experience. I also enjoy walking around the city and finding little gems, running to decompress and finding balance through yoga to flow, let go, and reset.

Juan Solano-Romero, MD

Med School: 
Universidad Nacional de Colombia Facultad de Medicina

Colombia, South America is my home, my birthplace, and where I developed my medical career. As a medical student I was not heavily interested in Neurosciences, but it was my good fortune to have an important mentor that guided me towards it. I am currently working as a neurosurgeon but interacting with neurocritical patients has changed my life and turned me towards a desire to be an inpatient neurologist. My My interests are spread thru Neurocritical care, Neuroradiology, Brain Injury medicine, pain medicine, cerebrovascular and spinal cord diseases.

I visited Philadelphia for the first time in 2007, and since then I have loved it. It has a soul. Einstein’s Neurology residency became my first choice because of the huge diversity among its underserved population as well a feeling of being at home. 

PGY-3: Neurology Residents

Bhagyashri Bhende, MD

Med School: Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre India

I was born in India and then raised in the glorious city of Dubai. Being interested in community and global health, I have enjoyed volunteering in multiple medical camps and am an active member of multiple national and international organizations such as the IDPD and IPPNW. While I remain tangled in the mystery of the organized chaos of neurons and the fascination with stroke neurology, I am still exploring my interests and carving my path as a budding neurologist. My relentless enthusiasm and prime motivation to succeed stems from my inner childhood sportsman. In my spare time I follow my passions of traveling, trying new cuisines, going to the movies, indulging in sports such as badminton and swimming, and am now on a quest to pursue music. My move to Einstein was motivated by the tight-knit nature of the program, its welcoming environment as well as what the city of Philadelphia has to offer.

Anita Rau, MD

Med School: J.S.S. Medical College, India
Undergrad: Indiana University, Bloomington: Anthropology, Philosophy

Originally from Indiana, I moved to New York, where I was involved in the development of one of the first supportive housing models for integrated care of families living with HIV/AIDS. I went on to work in AIDS research at Mt. Sinai, where I was involved in two neurology research protocols: the CHARTER Study and MHBB (Manhattan HIV Brain Bank). Pursuing a passion for global health, I moved to India, where I received my medical degree and also cultivated a passion for yoga and meditation. I’m excited to pursue a career in neurology with a particular interest in neuroinfectious disease and neurobehavioral disorders. Some of the things that led me to Einstein are the diversity of talent in the neurology department, the nurturing and close-knit community, and, of course, the beautiful city of Philadelphia.

Shruthi Harish, MD

Med School: Jawaharlal Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), India
Undergrad: The National College, Bengaluru

I am an ophthalmology trained resident with an ultimate career plan to pursue Neuro ophthalmology, which will help me help my patients better. Neuro ophthalmology is a grey zone between neurology and ophthalmology and I hope to make this gap lesser by training here. Einstein was my first choice as they offered me the flexibility to continue keeping up my neuro ophthalmology skills during the residency and also because my gut feeling said this was the right place for me. During my leisure, I spend time with my family, which I thoroughly enjoy. I also enjoy playing the piano, casual reading or planning the next family vacation!

PGY-4: Neurology Residents

Vilakshan Alambyan, MD

Med School: B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal

After graduation I always wanted to contribute towards the welfare of an underserved population. For this reason, Einstein became an obvious choice. I remain satisfied with my decision and split my time between clinical work and academic pursuit.

Avirag Goswami, MD

Med School: Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital, India

My hometown is Ghaziabad, India, and my hope is to specialize in stroke and endovascular intervention. AEMC offers a perfect balance of clinical training, academics and research. Located in North Philadelphia, which indeed has a large diverse population, a resident gets to see a wide range of clinical pictures/disorders. This program has an outstanding record for their residents matching in high tier (including Ivy League) fellowship programs. Lastly, Philadelphia itself is an incredible city with a lot of history and amazing food.

William Jimenez Marte, MD

Med School: Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, Dominican Republic

I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic where I followed my passions of surfing and music throughout childhood. It was through friends I met as a musician that I was guided into pursuing a medical education. A significant moment came in a Neurosciences class taught by a Russian neurosurgeon; it was during my first brain dissection under his guidance that my fascination with Neurology was born. My path to the present led me through clinical studies in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Antigua, and Barbuda to my residency at Einstein in Philadelphia. I continue to love the study of Neurology while at the same time continuing to make music in my home studio and attending live concerts.

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