Program FAQ

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Below are a list of commonly asked questions and their answers. If you have any further questions, please visit our Contact Us page and reach out to our Residency Program Coordinator.

Is there a dedicated place for residents to work/study?

Resident Office Suite - The Department of Orthopedic Surgery Resident Office Suite is located independently of the department offices and in close proximity to the orthopedic inpatient units, operating room and emergency room. This area contains the resident office, on-call room, conference room for daily fracture and reading conferences and weekly bioskills workshops and orthopedic library. This facility contains amenities such as a refrigerator, television, toaster oven, coffee maker, microwave and Playstation. The office is equipped with five computers, two printers, and a fax/scanner.

Resident Educational Resources/Library

iPads - Beginning in 2009, the Orthopaedic Surgery Program was awarded grant money to begin a piloted program centered on a paperless curriculum by utilizing iPads. Each resident at the beginning of training receives a new iPad for daily conference reading materials, online textbooks and journals, reference materials, presentations, schedules, etc.

Orthopaedic Library - Updated regularly, and located within the resident office is an area dedicated to printed texts and journals and educational media.

Medical Center Library - All of the above is in addition to resources found in the main Medical Center library located on the Einstein campus.

Surgical Loupes and Protective Lead Vests - The Department purchases each resident custom surgical loupes for microsurgery, personalized lead aprons/thyroid shields and radiation protection eyewear.

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