Resident Life

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What our Residents think about us

“I have felt at home since day 1. The seniors were very welcoming and took us under their wings right away. They are always available to answer any of my questions and concerns. We are a diverse group of people and truly enjoy spending time together outside of the hospital” - Sally Kadah, Class 2021

“I walk into work every day thinking I can sit down and tell any resident or attending I meet my life story or just minor details of my week. I think that feeling is priceless! Einstein has been my family and home away from home. And If I had a choice to make my rank order list all over again, Einstein would still be at the top!” – Saba Fatima, Class 2019

“Coming from outside the US into a residency training program, I felt that there was no better place to be than the most diverse and research-rich program in the area. The diversity is not only reflected in our peer resident background, but also among the faculty members and patient population that we serve. There are so many areas of interest that we work tirelessly on, including QI projects and ground-breaking research. Faculty members inspire us and support us on any project we want to work on. On my interview, I felt this would be my home and it has felt like home every day since this journey began. I would do it all again.” - Stefania Soria, Class 2020

Einstein Family Weekly Newsletter

A chief resident initiative, our residents, faculty and staff receive a weekly letter with information regarding latest relevant news, updated events, wellness tips, conference schedule, weekly ‘kuddos’ and Board Review Questions.

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