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Preliminary Medicine

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Preliminary Medicine - Program Info

The Preliminary Medicine Residency Program provides residents with significant primary patient care responsibility and ensures mastery of fundamental clinical skills. The program couples core rotations with ample elective time and provides an opportunity for residents to pursue their career interests. The curriculum includes a variety of rotations in internal medicine as well as electives that may be taken on any service.

The Preliminary Medicine Residency Program is integrated with our three-year categorical Internal Medicine Residency Program.

The Preliminary Medicine Residency Program rotation schedule is modeled after the Categorical Internal Medicine Residency 4+1 schedule. Preliminary Medicine Resident schedules now include a four week inpatient rotation followed by one week of elective rotation or vacation. This opens up the number of various elective rotations to suit the residents’ personal educational objectives.

Preliminary Medicine Program Options

The Department of Medicine in conjunction with the Departments of Neurology and Diagnostic Radiology offer combined programs. Applicants selected to interview in either of the specialty programs only need to attend one interview. This interview will be in the desired specialty where a medicine faculty member will provide a Preliminary Medicine Residency Program overview and interview the candidates.

During the submission of applicant rank lists, Preliminary Medicine Applicants, may elect to apply for the combined program and if desired the Preliminary Medicine Residency Program as well.

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