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Clinical Sites

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Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia (pictured left) is a large independent academic medical center on main campus at 5501 Old York Road, that trains residents in over 30 accredited programs. On this main campus, there are two inpatient psychiatry units: a general adult psychiatry unit and a geriatric psychiatry unit. Since these units are part of a general hospital, the resident is able to learn to care for patients who have complex medical and psychiatric co-morbidities. ECT is also performed at this clinical site.

There is a very busy Consultation and Liaison Service at this site, allowing the resident to gain experience in topics such as evaluation of decision-making capacity and of suitability for organ transplant. Consults are also preformed in Willowcrest, a nursing home facility, and Mossrehab, recognized by US News & World report as one of 'Americas best' rehab hospitals (#1 in Philadelphia).

Belmont Behavioral Health Hospital (pictured right), located at 4200 Monument Rd. in Philadelphia, is another major facility in which our residents rotate. This stand-alone psychiatric facility, once a part of the Einstein Healthcare Network and currently a private hospital, is hosting almost 200 patients on its acute units which include: adult psychotic disorders, adult mood and personality disorders and adult dual diagnosis for the patients who have comorbid addictions. In addition, the hospital has 5 (!) child and adolescent units. This facility gives the resident another experience of psychiatric care in the private settings.

Outpatient rotations are done either at Einstein medical center in our outpatient clinic which is located at the Old York Road campus, or at the outpatient clinic of Belmont Behavioral Health Hospital. Training in CBT and DBT is also available in our program.

Crisis Response Center (CRC)

The Crisis Response Center (pictured above) is our Adult Crisis Response Center, a very busy and popular rotation with our residents, who feel they learn rapidly on this rotation.

Previously located on the Germantown Campus, the CRC has since moved to the main Philadelphia campus. This rotation gives residents the opportunity to learn more about behavioral techniques, complex medication management and other aspects of caring for the chronically mentally ill in an emergency setting.

Philadelphia’s Children Crisis Response Center offers crisis management for children. Currently 1 of only 2 facilities who provide psychiatric crisis care to children and adolescents in the city. This popular rotation with residents who plan to go into child and adolescent fellowship, gives a view on the integrated care required for this vulnerable population at the time of crisis.

All clinical sites are a short drive from one another, and Albert Einstein Medical Center and the Crisis Response center are easily accessible by public transportation. Most residents choose to own a car to easily get from one location to another.

Residents are provided with free parking at all clinical sites.

Click here for a map of Psychiatry residency locations.

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