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Gabi Barmettler, MD
Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
Hometown: Andover, Massachusetts

Gabi intends to become a breast surgeon and is interested in breast surgical oncology, surgical disparities, and medical education. She has a number of publications investigating the biochemical and neurologic characteristics and etiologies of migraine headaches, and she intends to expand her research into the field of breast surgical oncology. Gabi is extremely active, taking advantage of Pennsylvania’s outdoors by hiking, kayaking, running, and biking. She loves to spend time with her wife as well as their dog and cats. In non-pandemic times, Gabi is an avid traveler.

“Philadelphia: Affordable and welcoming city with plenty of events happening. Amazing restaurants. Vibrant city with many green spaces such as the Wissahickon to enjoy benefits of city living with proximity to nature. The Einstein family. Residents are my second family; we work hard and support each other through all of residency. Nurses, staff, and Einstein employees work together to make a difference in the North Philly community.”

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Ryan Cohen, MD
Medical School: Boston University
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Ryan plans on completing a fellowship in minimally invasive surgery, and he has investigated the management of small bowel obstructions while at Einstein. He enjoys playing basketball and cycling when he’s not working. He mentions that the best part of Einstein is the strong relationships he has built with his co-residents and attendings.

Apostolos Kandilis, MD, MSc, PhD
Medical School: University of Athens
Hometown: Athens, Greece

Apostolos obtained both his PhD in surgery and a Master’s of Science in bioinformatics. He has already completed fellowship training in the UK and the US, however he will complete residency with Einstein prior to launching his independent surgical career. He is interested in minimally invasive surgery. In his free time, he enjoys running and spending time with his daughter. He has enjoyed the range of food Philadelphia has to offer, and he has found a kinship with a number of the faculty here at Einstein.

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Samantha Olafson, MD
Medical School: George Washington University
Hometown: Houston, Texas

Sam plans on becoming a trauma/critical care surgeon, and has pursued a number of research projects in that capacity. Sam heads the trauma research group at Einstein, and mentors a number of medical students interested in surgery. She is very active outside of Einstein as well, participating in Crossfit and hiking and camping when possible. She recently adopted a German shepherd puppy whom she has named Juice.

“Philly has historic charm folded into a modernized city. There is something for everyone from amazing restaurants to a massive urban park! The Einstein General Surgery program has become my second family. The camaraderie in this program is astounding.”

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Sakib Adnan, MD
Medical School: University of Maryland
Hometown: Salisbury, Maryland

Sakib is interested in thoracic surgery and medical education, and is interested in researching endovascular techniques in trauma surgery, REBOA, and bariatric surgery outcomes. Outside of the hospital, Sakib is active in Brazilian jiu-jitsu but also balances his exercise with a love of cooking and collecting houseplants.

“I love the size of Philadelphia and how there are so many neighborhoods, each with its own character. There is always something to do and any niche interest you might have likely has a following. The food here is top-notch too. The Einstein surgery program is a tight-knit group, which I love. Residents enjoy a high level of autonomy and a broad scale of pathology. I am sure I will come out of Einstein as a very well prepared surgeon-clinician.”

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Daniel Chakhalian, MD
Medical School: University of Arkansas
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Dan is our current research resident. He is interested in plastic and reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, and nerve repair. Dan is a man of eclectic tastes, ranging from dining out and hiking to restoring his antique Philadelphia home and painting miniatures.

When asked about Einstein and Philadelphia, he mentions the camaraderie among surgical residents, whom he describes as reliable, intelligent, and empathetic. He cites Philadelphia as a large city with a great ambiance and innumerable activities.

Chakhalian, D, Shultz, RB, Miles, CE, Kohn, J. Opportunities for biomaterials to address the challenges of COVID‐19. J Biomed Mater Res. 2020; 108: 1974- 1990. https://doi.org/10.1002/jbm.a.37059

William Ketchum, MD
Medical School: Uniformed Services University
Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland

Will completed a preliminary year at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and subsequently joined Einstein as a categorical intern. “As someone who owes until the year 2041 to the Army, my main interest is being as complete a surgeon as possible by the time I graduate so I can be prepared for deployment and operating abroad.” Will does not plan to sub-specialize in surgery, as he believes in remaining a true general surgeon, able to adequately serve the soldiers under his care in any circumstance.

Will values work-life balance; he stays active by playing soccer, running (begrudgingly), and lifting weights. He mostly enjoys spending his free time with his wife, Elizabeth, and his two dogs, Chewie and Scout.

“My favorite part about living in Philadelphia is that it doesn’t feel overcrowded like your typical large city. Everything isn’t packed and stacked on top of itself. Despite the large population in the area, everything is spread out so you feel like you have some space to breathe. Einstein is a great place to to train because it keeps you out of your comfort zone just enough to force you to adapt and learn. It is not the type of place where your hand will be held through every step, and this forces you to take charge of your own learning and take on a large degree of responsibility for your patients early on. I’ve seen and worked in other surgery programs, and I find this aspect of the surgery program at Einstein to be extremely rare.”

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Candace Ward, MD, MPH
Medical School: University of Miami
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Candace completed a preliminary general surgery year at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth as an active duty military member. She joined Einstein as a categorical PGY-1 and is interested in trauma/critical care, colorectal surgery, and global health. She is pursuing a number of research projects in trauma and plastic surgery and has previously published in basic science research. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, exploring new breweries, and learning new languages.

“Einstein has been the perfect mixture of academics and high-volume, hands-on surgical training that I was looking for when applying to residency. Everyone in our program is extremely supportive of any endeavor you choose, and they will move mountains to get you there. Philadelphia itself has been amazing – everyone is very friendly, the food is fantastic, and a great hike is only 10 minutes away at any point. I couldn’t have chosen a better program or location for my surgical residency.”

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Leonardo Kozian, MD
Medical School: Ross School of Medicine
Hometown: Glendale, California

Leo completed a preliminary intern year in general surgery here at Einstein and subsequently accepted a categorical PGY-1 position this year. He plans on pursuing plastic surgery after residency. In his free time, he stays active by running and rock climbing and relaxes by collecting records, taking care of his house plants, and corralling his cat Casper.

“I love that we have four seasons…I like that we’re close to New York and that Philadelphia has a variety of little neighborhoods. At Einstein, we have a close-knit group that helps each other through residency. We actually operate and take care of acutely ill patients.”

Threshia Malcolm, MD, MS
Medical School: University of Missouri
Hometown: Yonkers, New York

Threshia completed a preliminary intern year at Einstein before joining us as a categorical resident this year. She is interested in MIS currently and has previously performed research in both basic science and clinical research. She has a wide range of hobbies and interests outside of the hospital including skiing, scuba diving, cooking, cycling, and playing hostess at home. Threshia loves the people at Einstein and still has a lot to explore in Philadelphia.

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Gloryanne Gautier Nieves, MD
Medical School: St. George's School of Medicine
Hometown: Orlando, Florida (also Comerío, Puerto Rico)

Glory has broad interests in all areas of surgery; she plans to exploring MIS and robotics surgeries while at Einstein. She has previously performed research in the oral microbiome as it relates to disease, but she plans to expand her reach into surgical topics as well. Outside of the hospital, she enjoys cooking and decorating her apartment; she also expresses her creativity via painting. She also notes the camaraderie of the Einstein team and appreciates Dr. Joshi’s “surgery family” outlook on his residents.

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Samiat Agunbiade
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Samiat (Sami) joined Einstein in 2021 for the second half of her PGY-2 preliminary year. She was subsequently welcomed back as a categorical PGY-1 for the 2021-22 academic year. She is interested in cardiothoracic surgery and critical care. Sami is always traveling and exploring new places and restaurants.

“I love the people at Einstein. I love that the fact Philadelphia has anything I would want in a major city while also being close to so many places.”

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Muhammad Atiq
Medical School: Aga Khan University
Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan

Originally from Pakistan, Muhammad first completed a preliminary general surgery year at Johns Hopkins University before joining Einstein as a categorical resident. He is interested in trauma and cardiothoracic surgery.

“Philadelphia is extremely diverse, and I love how every neighborhood I visit seems to be full of rich history and a sense of community. [I have] just started at Einstein, but even a few weeks at a safety-net hospital have offered many humbling experiences and opportunities to make a difference in the community. It's very meaningful to work here when every little thing you do makes you realize how much of a difference you're making in someone's life.”

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Tsimafei Marchuk
Undergraduate School: Temple University
Medical School:
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Brest, Belarus

Tim’s journey to surgery began in nursing here at Einstein in the surgical ICU. He later realized he wanted to pursue a medical degree, and he has happily joined the surgery family at Einstein. His is well-loved and supported by all of his nursing, anesthesia, and surgical family on his home turf, and his family is equally supportive. He spends his free time outdoors with his wife and children by hiking, playing soccer, and traveling. Tim plans to pursue a career in reconstructive plastic surgery.

“For me, Philadelphia is the city that has everything you may need in one place. Not many cities have such rich historical heritage and architecture, top academic universities and medical centers, cozy old city with outstanding restaurants and a world-renowned orchestra. It is never a boring place. Over the years, Einstein truly became a home for me. My professional journey began here as a Nurse Extern, then a SICU RN and now a General Surgery resident, all at Einstein Medical Center. What makes this hospital so unique are the people that work here and the family-like culture. This hospital, unlike any other, provides amazing opportunities to fulfill your calling, while being a part of its caring family, and I am a proof of that.”

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Moshumi Godbole
Medical School: Ross University
Hometown: Wallingford, PA

Moshumi (Mo) grew up a stone’s throw away from Philadelphia in Wallingford, PA; she subsequently traveled to the Caribbean for medical school, where she endured hurricanes amid the usual struggles of studying. She has returned to her home state of PA for residency, and she reports a wide range of surgical interests including trauma and plastics/reconstructive surgery. While she is actively pursuing a surgical career, she has completed research in topics related to clinical psychology but is looking forward to expanding into surgical topics. Like her fellow residents, she loves to stay active, explore new restaurants, and travel.

“Philly is an incredible city. It’s an extremely diverse and vibrant place to live with incredible people, food and other activities. The camaraderie that exists at Einstein is immediately evident, and the clinical training provided by the surgical program is excellent.”

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Zaid Haddadin
Medical School: Jordan University
Hometown: Main, Jordan

Zaid joined the Einstein family from Jordan, where he grew up and attended medical school. He has published extensively on a variety of topics in pediatric surgery and infectious diseases including central line infections and antibiotic stewardship in pediatric patients, the emission of COVID-19 during pediatric MIS, infections and preventive measures in transplant patients, and national and international viral surveillance studies in children. Zaid understandably has a wide range of professional interests including Pediatric Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Transplant Surgery, and Surgical Education. Whenever he takes a breath from research, he enjoys cooking, working out, and playing soccer.

“I am enjoying the great food scene here in Philadelphia, and I feel there is a lot more to explore! As for Einstein, I love that resident surgical education and operative skills, along with high-quality patient care are of utmost importance to the team's mission! Having a great group of co-resident and mentors makes it a really enjoyable process. "

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Dimitra Papanikolaou
Medical School: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece

Dimitra, having grown up in Greece, has joined Einstein by way of Yale’s Aortic Institute research program. She is passionate about her love of cardiac surgery although she does take breaks to enjoy exploring Philadelphia, playing (and watching) tennis, and swimming.

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Johnathan Sadeh
Undergraduate School: Stony Brook University
Medical School: Sackler University
Hometown: New York City, NY

Originally Israeli but raised in New York, Johnathan lives for adventure. He has taken to surgery with high energy and enthusiasm, actively pursuing a career in transplant surgery, to the delight of our Einstein transplant team. Outside of work, Johnathan loves to cook for friends and family, making a lot of Persian and Vietnamese food. He is widely traveled and hikes avidly, saying that “Climbing Kilimanjaro was the coolest thing I did in my off time during medical school.”

“The Philly food scene is amazing and so accessible. As for Einstein, I was drawn to the program for its legacy of great surgical training. The exposure to big cases, level 1 trauma, and the in-house transplant service drew me here.”

General Surgery PAs

Mary Kathryn Braun, PA-C
Hometown: Harleysville, PA

MaryKathryn (MK) joined Einstein in 2021 and enjoys all areas of surgery. She has quickly become one of the Einstein surgery family’s most valued members. Outside of the hospital, MK loves to sail, read, and enjoy time with family and friends.

“Like every southeastern Pennsylvanian, I love Wawa coffee and sizzlis, Philly Cheesesteaks (without), the suburbs, the passion that Philadelphians have for this city, and the dedication the staff of Einstein has for each and every patient."

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