Our Specialists

Einstein’s Emergency Department is staffed by board certified Emergency Medicine Physicians, and Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. Our certified nursing (RN) staff has earned Magnet® recognition by the American Nurses Credentialing Center -- the highest honor a healthcare organization can receive for nursing excellence.

All staff members are committed to providing efficient, thorough and compassionate care.

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

RaeLynne Bamberger, BSN, RN, CEN

Clinical Manager, Emergency Department

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Chuck Belmont, BSN, RN, CEN

Nurse Manager, Emergency Department

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Steven Chapman, MBA, MS, BSN, RN

Assoc. Vice President, Emergency and Trauma Services

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Elizabeth Datner, MD, FACEP

Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Theresa DiFranco, BSN, RN, CEN, SCRN

Patient Flow Coordinator, Clinical Manager, Emergency Department

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Scott Goldstein, DO

Director of EMS

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Neeraj Gupta, MD

Co-Director, Ultrasound

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Maria Halluska-Handy, MD

Medical Director, Observation

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Joseph Herres, DO, FACEP

Director of Research

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Scott Korvek

Director of Informatics

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

John Kowalski, DO

Medical Director, Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Deborah Pierce, DO

Director of Residency

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Attending Physicians Physician Assistants
Claire Abramoff, MD
Shivani Amin, PA-C
Michael Asaly, MD Megan Buter, PA-C
Scott Beaudoin, MD Jennifer Cornish, PA-C
Jason Becker, MD Genevieve Daly, PA-C
Carlene Bronikowski, DO Nancy Davidson, PA-C
Drumheller Byron, MD Matthew Day, PA-C
Merle Carter, MD Kellie Duffy, PA-C
Amanda Dehisky, DO Allison Fike, PA-C
Lauren Frazer-Morrell, DO       Christina Gana, PA-C
Christian Fromm, MD
Leah High, PA-C
Molly Furin, MD
Carol Knowlton, PA-C
David Goldberger, MD
Sara Kutz, PA-C
Iva Hacker-Delany, MD
Heather Maertzig, PA-C
Erica Harris, MD
Michael McCarthy, PA-C
Kathleen Hayward, MD
Rebecca McNabb, PA-C
John Kelly, MD
Brett Mitchell, PA-C
Anne Klimke, MD
Rebecca Nearing, PA-C
Melissa Kohn, MD Jessca Panieczko, PA-C
James Krueger, MD
Ruchi Patel, PA-C
Nevin Leiby, MD
Alicia Ramsey, PA-C
Melanie Loewenthal, MD Scherer Scherer, PA-C
Darren Mareiniss, MD
Edward Suttn, PA-C
Douglass McGee, DO
Shira Tanker, PA-C
Josh Mirkin, MD Sherin Thomas, PA-C
Kristin McCloskey, MD

Daniel Natkiel, MD

Jennifer Ng, MD

Rika O'Malley, MD

Alex Plocki, DO

Dara Raspberry, MD

Joseph Robinson, DO
Dolores Roman, DO

 Erin Sabolick, DO  
Steven Shuchat, MD
Steven Walsh, MD
Allison Zanaboni, MD

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