General Information

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Contact the ORTD

Office of Research and Technology Development
Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia
Korman Room 100
5501 Old York Road
Philadelphia, PA 19141
Get Directions.
Phone: 215-456-7215
Fax: 215-456-8122

Hours of Operation

The office is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Material Drop Off 

  • The ORTD Office is located on the Main Campus in the Korman Buiding, suite 100.
  • When the office is open, there is a receiving ‘bin’ as you enter the office where materials are dropped.
  • When the office is closed, there is a mail bin next to the elevators just down the hall from the office.
  • It is the goal of the ORTD to review all materials for completeness within 48 business hours of receipt.

Conflict of Interest

The Einstein Financial Disclosure/ Conflict of interest policies comply with federal regulations specific to both Public Health Service (PHS) and Non-Public Health Service activities.

For questions about the Einstein PHS Financial Disclosure Policy, the Non-PHS Conflict of Interest Policy, or for information regarding a specific disclosure, please contact the Director of the Office of Research and Technology, Dr. Mary Klein at Mary.Klein2@jefferson.edu or by phone at 215-456-7215.

Fringe Benefit Allocation for Grants and Funds

The Fringe Benefit Allocation to Grants and Funds is calculated by Cost Accounting. The calculation is based on Fringe benefits divided b a modified Salary analysis done by Cost Accounting. We are currently using 2014 as our baseline. While we plan on updating the analysis using current information, we do not expect any change.

For questions about the Einstein Fringe Benefit Allocation to Grants and Funds, please contact the Manager-Accounting, Ed Cunningham, at Edward.Cunningham@jefferson.edu or by phone at 215-456-7215.

Actual Fiscal Year 2014:

 FICA  21,687  7.5%
 Dental  765  0.52%
 Tuition Reimb  1,672  1.14%
 Unemp Comp  983  0.67%
 Workers Comp  3,442  2.35%
 Hospitalization  14,969 10.22%
 Pension     -- 
 Life Insurance  163  0.11%
 Disability  1,183  0.81%
 Employer Match  741  0.51%
 TOTAL  45,605  23.83%
 % Used for Grants    22.00%


Questions, Concerns, Comments

Please feel free to contact the ORTD office at 215, 456-7215 with any questions, concerns, or comments related to the research program here at Einstein.

If you would like to offer concerns or comments anonymously, you may do so using the Einstein Comply Line 866-458-4864. Your concerns or comments will be directed to the appropriate staff for prompt follow up.

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