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Committees that oversee research activities at Einstein

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Human Subject Research Robert Wimmer, MD (Chair)
John Leighton, MD (Vice-Chair)
John Whyte, MD, PhD (Vice-Chair)
Research Subcommittee of the Medical Staff Board Albert Einstein Society awards (AES); Tobacco Awards; Research Recognition Day Nancy Young, MD (Chair)
Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) Interventions developed as part of research or clinical practice Huyen Tran, MD (Chair)
Research Conflict of Interest Committee (RCOIC) Potential or actual conflicts of interest in research Corrado Minimo, MD (Chair)

Einstein Society, Budget Development, External Grant Submissions

Please contact Linda Chicchi at (215) 456-7218 or ChicchiL@einstein.edu regarding:

  • Questions about deadlines, forms, progress reports, etc. for Albert Einstein Society (AES) research awards, obtaining copies of previously funded AES proposals (with the author’s permission)
  • Questions about deadlines, forms, progress reports etc. for Tobacco awards 
  • Submission of poster abstracts for Research Recognition Day
  • Submission of grant proposals to external agencies (e.g. NIH, NSF, American Heart Association, etc.)
  • Questions related to budget development

Policy and Procedure, Conflict of Interest, Effort Reporting

Please contact Mary Klein, PhD, at (215)-456-7215 or MKlein@einstein.edu regarding:

  • Questions about research policies and procedures
  • Questions about conflict of interest disclosure and review process
  • Questions about the effort reporting policy and procedure for research projects supported by government funds (including tobacco awards)
  • Other issues related to research within EHN

Post Award

Please contact Rosetta Stoute, Post-Award Coordinator, at (215) 456-7215 or stouter@einstein.eduregarding:

  • Questions about study account deposits and/or balances for funded research projects

Statistical Assistance

If you are an Einstein employee you may contact Len Braitman, PhD, Biostatistician, at (215) 456-3856 or braitmal@einstein.edu regarding:

  • Development of a research question and/or specific aims or hypotheses for a research project
  • Developing a study design and data analysis plan
  • Designing an Excel spreadsheet for data collection/data analysis purposes
  • Learning key points for critical review of scientific articles
  • Analyzing research data
  • Editing research manuscripts in preparation for publication

IRB Submissions and Processes

Please contact Beth Lynch, CIP, Senior IRB Analyst, at (215) 456-7217 or Lynchbet@einstein.eduregarding:

  • Questions about the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process and forms
  • IRB meeting dates and submission deadlines
  • Responding to IRB recommendations
  • Status on IRB submissions

Protocol Development, Research Compliance, Education

Please contact Roberta Costello, MSN, RN, Research Compliance Officer, at (215) 456-7225 orbcostell@einstein.edu regarding:

  • How to get started with research (e.g. to get information on what is required to review medical records to determine if there is a sufficient number of patients for a proposed study)
  • Completion of IRB forms
  • Questions about research policies and procedures
  • Research compliance questions or issues
  • Information on what is involved in coordinating a clinical research project
  • Requests for educational presentations on research regulations and/or institutional policies and procedures related to research


Please contact Robert Wimmer, MD, IRB Chairman, at (215) 456-6243 or wimmerr@einstein.eduregarding:

  • Concerns about an IRB review/recommendation or the IRB process
  • Regulatory concerns about an ongoing research project involving human subjects
  • Questions about whether a project requires IRB review
  • Requests for educational presentations on research regulations and/or the IRB 


Please contact Derrick Crump, Information Security and Privacy Specialist, at (215) 456-8022 orCrumpd@einstein.edu regarding:

  • Questions related to information privacy, security and confidentiality
  • Assistance with privacy, security, and confidentiality concerns related to research and protected health information
  • Review and Approval of privacy, security and confidentiality considerations in human research 

General Compliance

Please contact (215) 456-7084 regarding:

  • Institutional compliance oversight
  • Assistance with issues, questions, concerns, complaints reported directly or via Einstein’s Comply Line
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