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Our Mission

Jewish Health Resource Center (JHRC) is a program of Einstein Healthcare Network, dedicated to providing compassionate healthcare and resources that honor the traditions of the Jewish community.

Einstein’s goal is to treat patients with respect and dignity and, help them navigate their healthcare in accordance with their faith.

For information about being part of this project or to request staff education, please contact, Sheri Minkoff at sheri.minkoff@jefferson.edu or 215.254.3225.

Our History

Frank Synagogue, built in 1901 on the grounds of the Jewish Hospital of Philadelphia (now Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia), is a historical landmark. Located to the left of the main entrance, it is accessible to Jewish staff, ambulatory patients, and visitors upon request, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. To gain entry to the Synagogue, employees, patients, or visitors can call security or stop at the front desk to request access.

Frank Synagogue, built 1901 at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

Jewish Health Resource Center Leaders

“Einstein’s vision is to provide healthcare and education for as many people as we can reach. The JHRC continues that work to meet our mission.”
The guiding principle of Einstein Healthcare Network is to provide outstanding healthcare and education to all who we can reach. The Jewish Health Resource Center will allow Einstein to meet the cultural, spiritual, and religious needs of the community.
- David Jaspan, DO, FACOOG, Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Einstein Healthcare Network

"It is so exciting to have the opportunity to take care of patients in a comfortable and supportive environment. At Einstein, everyone is committed to providing the most up-to-date evidence based medical care in a culturally sensitive way. It is refreshing to be surrounded by colleagues who are eager to understand as much about our customs and traditions as they can so that we can all take care of the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of every patient as a whole. It is truly an honor to come to work every day and be a part of this project."
- Chani Yondorf, MD, JHRC Women's Health Lead

"Einstein started out as the Jewish Hospital, and I am participating in this program to give back to the community, which I am part of, and to the community I grew up in. It’s important to continue that commitment to treat patients with respect and dignity and help them navigate their healthcare in accordance with their faith."
- Randi Zeitzer, MD, JHRC Lead

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