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Einstein Crisis Response Center

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Einstein's Crisis Response Center (CRC)

For those in crisis, our Crisis Response Center (CRC) treats mental and behavioral health emergencies with psychiatric coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The CRC is distinguished by being

  • One of five CRCs designated by Philadelphia to provide ready access to mental and behavioral health emergency crisis evaluation and urgent care treatment for adults.
  • One of the most utilized CRCs by Intellectual Disability Services (IDS), for Philadelphia citizens with intellectual disability.
  • The first sensory response room in a CRC.

The CRC in Philadelphia provides fast, expert intake. Services are available to all people, regardless of health insurance coverage or ability to pay. No appointment is needed. People are seen on a walk-in basis in a safe and secure environment.​​

Contact the Crisis Response Center at 215-951-8300.

Einstein Crisis Response Center (CRC) only serves adults. Philadelphia’s Children Crisis Response Center offers crisis management for children.

Einstein Crisis Response Center (CRC) is located at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. 

5501 Old York Road
Philadelphia, PA, 19141
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