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Mindfulness Programs

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10 Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditations

When: Every Wednesday at Noon

Call in number is 1-425-436-6318, access code 613477#.

Call-In Guided Mindfulness Meditations

This has been a hard time in so many different ways. It can be helpful to take a few minutes to pause and re-center. All are invited to free 10-minute guided mindfulness meditations, on the phone (all you need to do, is listen!)

When:Monday through Thursday. 7:45 AM and 7:45 PM. Also, Wednesdays at noon. Continuing through at least the end of February 2021.

Call-in number: 1-425-436-6318. Access code: 613477#.

If you’re asked for a passcode or anything like that, just press #. If you prefer to remain anonymous, when asked to say your name, just press #. You’re welcome to join the call after the start time; in order to do so quietly, please just press # instead of saying your name at the prompt.

Mindfulness Coaching

One-on-one and small group mindfulness coaching is available for Einstein outpatients. For more information, call or email Laura Romano for more information at romanola@einstein.edu, 215-456-9799.

You can access 5 and 10 minute mindfulness recordings anytime here.

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