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Einstein-Jefferson Merger Update

Feb 28 2020

On Thursday, February 27, Einstein Healthcare Network and Jefferson Health received notice that the Federal Trade Commission and the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office are challenging a proposed merger of the two networks. 

Statement from Einstein on this latest development: 

We have received word about the Federal Trade Commission’s decision to challenge our proposed merger. We will take some time to review the challenge to better understand both their position and how to best move forward. We believe we have presented a strong and comprehensive case as to how the merger would benefit the patients we serve and advance our academic mission without reducing competition for healthcare services. At a time when regional and national politicians and leaders are seeking ways to better support essential safety net hospitals, we see this merger as a creative solution to preserve access and enhance services to the residents of the North Philadelphia.

We remain confident our merger will result in continued high-quality care for our consumers. Our goal is to broaden our delivery of accessible and value-based care to patients and provide an exceptional education and training experience for our students. We are two like-minded, culturally aligned organizations with a mutual goal of improving lives for all of our patients, particularly the most vulnerable in the Philadelphia area.

Statements from both Sen. Tartaglione and U.S. Rep. Evans

Following the announcement from the FTC, State Senator Christine M. Tartaglione and U.S. Rep. Dwight Evans issued statements in support of the merger.  

State Senator Christine M. Tartaglione:

“The merger of Jefferson Health and Einstein Healthcare Network would provide the residents of North Philadelphia and the surrounding region with improved access to high-quality, reliable medical care, so I am extremely disappointed that the FTC has chosen to challenge this definitive agreement. As a safety net hospital within a largely underserved community, Einstein has long been committed to securing the resources needed to deliver essential medical care to families in need. The merger with Jefferson would advance that noble mission and support community health for the foreseeable future.” Read more

U.S. Rep. Dwight Evans

“This is an outrageous action by the Federal Trade Commission and Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. The proposed merger would provide enhanced stability and access to high-quality care for the residents of North Philadelphia for the foreseeable future. I urge these agencies to drop this ill-considered action at once!” Read more


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