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Einstein Stands with Our Community Against Hate and Acts of Violence

Apr 20 2021

Einstein Healthcare Network, from the day we opened our doors in 1866, has stood for fair, equal and respectful treatment for all members of the diverse, multi-cultural communities we serve. Racism and acts of violence perpetrated in the name of hate are against all that we, the Einstein family, believe in and these types of actions will not, and should not, be tolerated. Standing united against hate of all forms is core to our mission and values.

As Albert Einstein said, “Striving for social justice is the most valuable thing to do in life.”

We heed those words and stand together for our nearly 9,000 employees, our patients, our clinicians, and each other. We strive every day to live our mission, “With humanity, humility and honor, to heal by providing exceptionally intelligent and responsive healthcare and education for as many as we can reach.”

Our mission means as much today as it did the day it was conceived. Our dedication to providing safe, quality healthcare to those who need it most, while advocating for a society that values kindness, compassion, justice and inclusion, have never been more important.

Ken Levitan

Interim President and CEO, Einstein Healthcare Network

Communications Team
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