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Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia Opens COVID-19 Community Testing Program

Jul 30 2020

Today, Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia opened a COVID-19 Community Testing Program through a grant from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to make testing accessible at no cost to people who live or work in the neighborhoods surrounding the medical center. The site is located at 5583 Park Avenue (Park Avenue & Tabor Road), Philadelphia, PA 19141, on the Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia campus, a block below the Olney Transportation Center, the second largest SEPTA transportation hub in the City of Philadelphia.

Testing is available by appointment Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Evening and Saturday hours are offered to accommodate people who work daytime hours during the week. Appointments can be made by calling 1-800-EINSTEIN (800-346-7834), and pressing #5.

“The first step in containing COVID-19 is knowing who has the virus so they don’t spread it, and that’s why testing is so important,” says Elizabeth Datner, MD, Chair of Emergency Medicine for Einstein Healthcare Network. “We’re glad to partner with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to make testing available to people who live or work near the medical center.”

The site is staffed by Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia employees specifically trained to perform the COVID-19 test. Everyone who comes to the site is required to wear a face covering and use the hand sanitizer upon entering the facility. Appointments are spaced every 15 minutes to ensure social distancing. Each patient exam room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each visit and the entire site is carefully cleaned and sanitized at the end of each testing day. Before being tested, every person is screened for symptoms and has their temperature and pulse oximetry testing completed. Anyone experiencing respiratory distress or other severe symptoms or requests a medical evaluation, will be referred to Einstein’s Emergency Department for further evaluation. All other individuals being tested will have a patient education counseling session that covers the test, symptoms of COVID-19, risk factors for severe illness, importance of social distancing and appropriate use of personal masks and best practices for hand and home hygiene. The counseling session gives people the opportunity to ask questions of a trained healthcare professional and they are given educational materials from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. For non-English speaking individuals, Einstein utilizes its language line to access a language interpretation.

The screening is performed as a nasal swab and the sample is sent to an Einstein lab to be analyzed for COVID-19. Einstein will report all test results (positive and negative) to the person who was screened by phone within 24 – 30 hours of screening. For patients who test positive, the Einstein clinician will go over the information they provided during the counseling session and also screen for symptoms during this call in case medical attention is required. If there’s a significant medical concern, the person will be directed to Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia’s Emergency Department for further evaluation.

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