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At Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, our mission as nurses is to create a caring, healing environment through excellence, innovation, scholarship and our expression of caring practices.

Our vision is to advance the art and science of nursing, and our philosophy is that nursing is both a discipline and practice profession. As a discipline, we use and rely on knowledge developed over time by nursing theorists, leaders, scholars, and professional organizations. As a practice, we use the theoretical structures of this knowledge to inform education, practice and research.

Our mission, vision and philosophy provide a common language and a humanistic, altruistic approach to patient care. We improve lives and put people first in everything we do.

Nurses who thrive in an urban environment will love working and living in the city of Philadelphia. Learn more about what it's like to live in our our vibrant city.

Our Specialties

Nurses work in all areas and specialties at Einstein including critical care, women & children, emergency medicine, and many more. Learn more about what it's like to work in each of our specialties

Transformational Leadership

Our patient-centered care is driven by groups of collaborating practitioners which include a nurse manager, physician leader and unit-based clinical leader who conduct rounds together on each unit. The leadership structure within every unit includes a medical director, nurse manager and a quality leader.

Structural Empowerment

At Einstein Philadelphia, we empower nurses to perform autonomously through formally-established shared governance councils, clusters and unit practice committees. Our shared governance is founded on principles of partnership, equity, accountability and ownership.

For nurses transitioning to practice or practicing in a new unit, our mentoring and preceptor programs ensure that each member of our team is prepared for and supported in their new role. With that support, even new-to-practice nurses have made it to the national stage with evidence-based practice initiatives.

Shared Governance

Shared Governance has been enculturated within Einstein’s professional nursing practice since the early 1990s. Our Shared Governance structure engages nursing in shared decision-making at the point of care and ensures nurses have a voice at all levels within our organization involving their professional practice and in every area our nurses practice. We believe Shared Governances enhances our ability to improve lives through exceptional patient care within an interdisciplinary environment. Learn More About Our Approach to Shared Governance

Exemplary Professional Practice

Einstein Healthcare Network’s Nursing Professional Practice Model reflects how we communicate, practice, collaborate, and develop, while integrating our beliefs with our practice. Nursing Professional Practice at Einstein is based on the Quality Caring© Model (QCM), developed by nursing theorist Joanne Duffy, PhD. This model combines the art and science of nursing, and stresses the equal importance of both. With a focus on both quality and caring, the QCM provides nurses with a tangible foundation to build their practice and embed caring into the healthcare environment.

Duffy’s model places relationships at the core of the nursing process. There are four caring relationships: Relationships with patients and their families, with your nursing team and colleagues, with yourself, and with the communities we serve. These caring relationships, combined with evidence-based practice, empower nurses to foster cohesive teams and promote quality care. This conceptual approach allows individuals to feel cared for and cultivates an environment of collaboration.

Einstein nurses demonstrate strong teamwork and communication skills, which are essential to providing quality care. We continuously strive to build a more culturally-competent workforce, embracing diversity and championing inclusion and equity in order to provide better care for the diverse population we serve.

Encouraging and Recognizing Excellence

Einstein nurses have demonstrated a commitment to professional development. 82% of our nurses have a BSN or higher nursing degree, and almost 41% are certified in a specialty. We regularly encourage our nurses to attain advanced certifications, and recognize those who do.

Mentors within our program guide staff nurses in their professional development. Our nurses often go on to become nurse practitioners, certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and nurse leaders. They achieve certifications to practice in specialties, become charge nurses or preceptors, or take on a variety of other roles.

Awards given to nurses at Einstein Philadelphia to recognize excellence include:

Throughout the years, Einstein nurses have been honored with the prestigious @DAISYfoundation award.

Open for nominations of nurses at all levels and nursing staff members, the Quality Caring© Award is given to nurses who demonstrate the caring practices that elevate the nominee above others.

Open for nominations of RNs at all levels, this award is given to an RN who has inspired a mentee to advance nursing excellence, to develop professionally, or to mentor others. This award can be assigned to one of three categories: Clinical Practice, Education and Leadership.

This award is given to a nurse who demonstrates caring practices that elevate this nominee above others. Open to nurses in NEPD, Advance Practice Nurses, CRNAs, CRNPs and Case Management.

This award is given to an individual or team that significantly contributes to supporting/championing nurses, nursing practice and nursing goals and whose actions demonstrate the values/attributes of Nursing’s Professional Practice Model or Care Delivery System. Nominees are those who impact nursing broadly, beyond one nursing unit or specialty, such as but not limited to Chaplaincy, Protective Services, Providers, etc.

This award is given to an individual nurse or a nursing team who significantly contributes to community service endeavors with Einstein Healthcare Network. Nurses at all levels or nursing teams can be recognized.

This award is given to a non-direct care nurse (nurses who spend less than 50% of their time at the bedside) who champions/supports shared governance philosophy and activities.

This award is given to a clinical nurse (nurses who spend greater than 50% of their time at the bedside) who champions/supports shared governance philosophy and activities.

This award is given to a nurse who is a manager or director who champions/supports caring practices and whose leadership has made an outstanding impact in the areas of Service, People, Quality, Finance, Growth, and Academics.

Three awards are given to nurses to assist in their activities related to one of the five Magnet® Models.

New Knowledge, Innovation, Improvements

Many of our nurses share their knowledge and expertise at regional, national and international conferences. Several of our nurses hold elected office on the boards of professional nursing organizations and also serve on advisory or editorial boards of nursing publications.

We have a nursing informatics leadership council and a chief nurse informaticist. Our frontline nurses drive decision-making when it comes to new technology being implemented at the bedside.

We continuously work on nursing quality, such as refining our practice to reduce central-line infections and catheter-associated urinary tract infections. We make sure that we have processes in place to reduce harm and produce quality outcomes. Our commitment to innovation is always focused on improving patient care, safety and outcomes.


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Einstein's Nurse Residency Program, located in Philadelphia, is designed to provide a robust, evidence-based curriculum that supports nursing graduates as they transition from advanced learner to competent leaders at the bedside. Learn more.

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