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Professional Practice Model

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Einstein Healthcare Network’s Nursing Professional Practice Model reflects how we communicate, practice, collaborate, and develop, while integrating mission, vision, values, philosophy, and nursing theory with our practice.

Caring - Watson’s Theory of Human Caring serves as the foundation of our nursing practice, education, and research encircling and infusing all we do. The Caritas Processes™ give a voice and language to specific practices as we connect with patient, self, family, colleague, or community.

Knowledge, Ethics, Advocacy and Accountability spans the upper circle as core concepts that we bring to our practice, how we practice, and that practice is ongoing/continual.

Quality, Safety, Relationships and Collaboration represent both the focus and the outcomes of our professional practice. Relationships and Collaboration intersect the circle as our practice touches all those we reach - within our community, and out to the broader regional and global communities.

Person represents patient, self, family, colleague, and community. The Person is the heart, the center, the humanity, the reason for our connection. Seeing the patient as a Person behind the diagnosis/illness is a core concept of Watson’s theory.

Colors evoke meanings and are reflect energy fields/chakras – Red for life, passion, caritas, grounding, connectedness and interconnectedness of all; Green for energy, renewal, growth, sustenance, love, compassion, trust, forgiveness, committment; White for newness, clarity, forgiveness equanimity, kindness; Purple for generosity, serenity, wisdom, intuition and insights (Watson, 2008).

The development of this model arose from the thoughts, ideas, artistry and work of our Magnet Champions, Caritas Circle members, and Network Nursing Council members.

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